Kendall Jenner Knows Her Cucumber Cutting Skills Are ‘Tragic’

Kendall Jenner he doesn’t need his fans to tell him his knife skills aren’t up to par.

On Thursday’s episode of The KardashiansThe model went to make a snack while hanging out with her mom kris jenner‘s new house, grabbing a cucumber from mom’s huge fridge stocked with all the green stuff. As she began to chop the vegetables, Kris seemed to sense that trouble might be brewing and she asked if her daughter would like her personal chef to make her something to eat. But Kendall insisted: “I’m doing it myself. I’m just going to chop up some cucumber. Pretty easy,” to which Kris replied, “You go girl.” But the task proved no easy feat, as she proceeded to gingerly hold the vegetable at odd angles as she nearly cut her finger, admitting, “I’m a little scared.” Ultimately, her entire situation led her mother to summon the professional chef on staff to take over the task.

But Kendall was the first to admit she knows she’s not an expert with a knife, telling the cameras: “I’m definitely not good at cutting, so don’t come near me. I’m not professional at all.” So when there was an outpouring of criticism on social media after the episode, the Fashion The cover girl was the first to agree with people’s surprise and confusion at her lack of basic cooking techniques. One fan tweeted, “Kendall Jenner trying to cut a freaking cucumber is the most tragic thing I’ve ever witnessed,” which Kendall retweetedadding, “Tragic!”

The model has also never claimed to be an expert chef. In a video for her friend. haley bieberThe YouTube channel posted last year, the couple made boxed macaroni and cheese in their bathroom. As Hailey goes to put the noodles in the boiling water, Kendall asks, “Will you go with butter first?” Prompting a stunned Hailey to ask, “Butter the water?” to which Kendall replies, “Yeah, isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? This is how I make rice.” Hailey then turned to the camera crew and said, “You might want to delete that guys. I don’t think you’ll ever put butter in water… Don’t touch anything yet because I’m scared of what you’re going to do.”

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