Kelly Kercher, founder of K3 Technology, shares her journey to success

The world of technology continues to evolve, but it becomes even more challenging to keep up with the latest trends. This can be especially difficult for young entrepreneurs starting their businesses. Despite the challenges faced, Kelly Kercher is a figurehead that means she takes resilience to conquer. She is an IT expert, founder and president of K3 Technology, a Denver-based IT services company that focuses on helping midsize and large businesses meet their IT needs and challenges.

Kelly’s journey in the IT space began during childhood. As identical triplets, the Kercher brothers had an interesting childhood full of opportunities. The brothers appeared in multiple commercials, including a National Xbox and a Sears Christmas special; opening up a whole new world of opportunity for Kelly and her siblings. However, Kelly focused on pursuing a career in the IT field and began his career as a network engineer shortly after graduating from Colorado Mesa University with a degree in Business and Computer Information Systems.

Given her passion for IT and her determination to succeed in the industry, Kelly quickly climbed the ladder at her old company. After a decade of service in his workplace, the founder approached him with an offer to take over, given the founder’s decision to leave his position and seek other business directions. Kelly was very interested and spent the next two years trying to close the deal. However, he and the founder did not reach a solid agreement on crucial aspects of the business, so she had to let him go.

With strong determination and a willingness to go all-in despite the inherent risks, Kelly started K3 Technology. Well known, starting and running a new business is often difficult at first. However, Kelly took on the challenge even though he had to take on just about everything involved in running the business. In addition, he had to make do with the minimum income from the business. However, Kelly was well prepared mentally and emotionally for the task at hand, and nothing could deter him from carrying it out. Kelly took challenges in stride and implemented every lesson he learned. In that time, his efforts paid off, and that’s how he made K3 Technology what it is today.

As a successful young entrepreneur in a fast-paced field, Kelly has four pieces of advice for aspiring IT business owners. First, they must have a clear vision of where they want to go and what they want to achieve. Kelly knew that she wanted to own a business, and that is what she set out to build despite the many challenges she faced along the way. Although she faced these challenges and many more, her determination was unwavering; this could be attributed to the energy and enthusiasm she had for her business. From building a team to growing and expanding it, Kelly doggedly and relentlessly continued until everything fell into place for her.

Kelly advises business owners to be hardworking and consistent. He believes that a dedicated entrepreneur must work hard and put in long hours that other people cannot. Entrepreneurs must also learn to handle rejection and setbacks in stride because they are imminent in any business. Finally, Kelly says that a motivated entrepreneur must stay focused on his dream and keep going no matter what; he added that with his courage to succeed, they would weather any storm and come out on top.

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