Kardashians: Tristan Thompson Reveals NBA Fan Did a Dig on Khloe

Tristan Thompson he experienced a different kind of personal foul in one of his NBA games.

During the May 19 episode of Hulu’s The KardashiansThe basketball professional confirmed that he had withdrawn a fan from the November 28 game between his then team, the Sacramento Kings, and the Memphis Grizzlies for derogatory comments about khloe kardashian.

While reports initially claimed the fan was making comments about the Kardashian-Jenners in general, Tristan told Khloe, “It was directed at you.”

After Khloe pressed for more details, the NBA star revealed that the person who interrupted commented on Khloe’s past. Not satisfied with this vague answer, the founder of Good American asked, “Like what?”

As Tristan was clearly hesitant to respond, Khloe reassured him that she couldn’t care less, adding, “I’m not offended.”

Tristan claimed that the fan accused Khloe of talking to “different basketball players,” adding that Tristan was “just next.”

Though Khloe laughed off the drama, she noted, “Okay, she called me bla-e and said I date basketball players. I’ve had six boyfriends, three of them have been in the NBA. Thanks. How is that my problem?” “

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