John Lee Selected to Lead Hong Kong as Critics Decry Erosion of Democracy

Hong Kong

John Lee, a hardline security chief who oversaw the crackdown on Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement, was chosen as the city’s next leader on Sunday in a vote cast by a largely pro-Beijing committee.

Mr. Lee was the only candidate and won with more than 99% of the votes in which nearly all of the 1,500 committee members were carefully scrutinized by the central government in Beijing.

She will replace current frontwoman Carrie Lam on July 1. His five-year term was marked by huge pro-democracy protests calling for his resignation, a security crackdown that has quelled virtually all dissent, and the recent wave of COVID-19 that had overwhelmed the health system — events that they have undermined Hong Kong’s reputation as an international business hub with Western-style freedoms.

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