ITV Corrie fans distracted by ‘invisible boy’ mystery as Daisy discovers Daniel’s dark secret

If there’s one thing that will make Rovers Return waitress Daisy Midgeley clean her nails quicker behind the bar on Coronation Street, it’s uncovering a juicy secret. But little did she know that Daniel Osbourne’s boyfriend would be the subject of gossip.

Daisy has been jealous ever since Nicky Wheatley returned to Weatherfield last month and revealed that he was looking for his old friend Daniel. She was furious when she found out that they would be working together at Weatherfield High School and that Nicky would get a job as a teaching assistant, bringing her closer to teacher Daniel.

On Wednesday’s episode, aware that it was Nicky’s first day at his new job, Daisy suggested to Daniel that they all meet up for a drink after work, as he would like to get to know her better. Nicky arrived at the Rovers unaware that Daisy was trying to set him up with her ex Ashley.

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Nicky was embarrassed when Ashley clearly recognized her and Daisy was shocked to find out that Ashley knew Nicky from her days as a sex worker. And when she confronted Daniel, she got another scare when he told her that she also paid Nicky for her time.

But then there was another bomb when Daniel told her that he hadn’t paid her for sex. He admitted to Daisy that he had paid Nicky to dress up as his late wife Sinead, who died of cervical cancer, and the news did not sit well with his girlfriend, who compared the stage to ‘Hannibal Lecter’.

Daniel told Daisy the truth.

But as the pair rowed down the street, overheard by Max Turner, Daniel’s student and master manipulator, Corrie’s fans were distracted by another detail. There was a mention of Daniel’s young son, Bertie, with Sinead, who was said to have been “invisible” recently.

Viewers noted that Bertie is rarely seen these days. And soap opera watchers wondered if her aunt Beth Sutherland or her grandfather Ken Barlow cared for him.

@MarieHolt50 tweeted: “Corrie ooh Bertie the invisible boy just got a mention.” @Mel_Navan asked: “#Corrie So Ken has Bertie now right? Beth and Kirk had him before…”

@Greg_Phillips_ tweeted: “I’ll get this to say thanks for looking after Bertie… says Daniel while in the pub and someone else is looking after the invisible Bertie.” And @Willswhinge said, “I think I might go on the Coronation Street tour and see if I can find Bertie, kind of like Where’s Wally.”

@helsrachel86 commented: “Haven’t seen Bertie spending time with his dad during mid-term break.” And @LunaLocoJewels said, “Bye bertie, have another fun day of unseen shenanigans.”

@Willswhinge tweeted: “Almost a Bertie sighting there.” And @lightbebe2020 asked, “Will we see Bertie again or will we see him when he turns 18…?” @Chestikov69 joked: “Next time Bertie shows up he’ll be about 6 years old.” And @FLady1980 asked, “By the way, where’s Bertie?”

Daisy has now demanded that Daniel give Nicky a wide berth. But on Friday she is furious when she finds them comfortable in the cafe.

But Nicky’s fresh start comes crashing down when Mrs. Crawshaw calls her into a meeting and tells her they need to talk about her past. Nicky confirms that she used to work in the sex industry.

Nicky explains to Daniel that there are videos and images of her past all over the school and that she has been suspended. Daniel is furious and assumes that Daisy is responsible. Daisy confides in Jenny how hurt she is that Daniel thinks she would do something so malicious.

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