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The veteran Al Jazeera journalist was shot dead by Israeli forces while reporting in the occupied West Bank.

  • Israeli forces beat the crowd of mourners carrying the coffin of Shireen Abu Akleh before the funeral in the Old City of occupied East Jerusalem.
  • Thousands of Palestinians are expected to gather for the funeral, before Abu Akleh is taken to Mount Zion Protestant Cemetery, where she will be buried alongside her late parents in the coming hours.
  • Abu Akleh’s body was carried from Jenin, where she was killed by Israeli forces on Wednesday, to Jerusalem via Nablus and Ramallah, in a procession where Palestinians paid their respects.
  • Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has said he would take Abu Akleh’s case to the International Criminal Court in an effort to win justice for the veteran reporter, who joined Al Jazeera in 1997 and was an icon in Palestine and the rest of the Arab world.

INTERACTIVE Shireen Abu Akleh murdered

‘They wanted to walk with his body’

Reporting from East Jerusalem, Al Jazeera Imran Khan said that Israeli forces attacked mourners because they did not want them to walk with Abu Akleh’s coffin.

“What’s happening is that there was jostling between the Israeli army and the people who wanted to take Shireen’s body to the church,” he said.

“They wanted to walk with his body. They didn’t want to go in the cars that the Israeli army said they were only allowed to.”

Israeli security forces beat mourners

Israeli security forces beat mourners as they began to move Abu Akleh’s coffin from the French St Louis Hospital in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem.

Al Jazeera’s Marwan Bishara, commenting on the attack, said “why does it require this kind of violence?”

Abu Akleh and the journalists killed by Israeli forces

At least 45 journalists have been killed by Israeli forces since 2000, according to the Palestinian Information Ministry.

The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate raises the death toll to 55 dead.

Press freedom advocates have long said that Israel acts with impunity when it comes to targeting journalists. In April, three organizations filed a complaint about the murder and mutilation of media workers with the International Criminal Court.

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Journalists killed by Israeli forces.

Israel ‘investigates soldier’ ​​in murder of journalist Abu Akleh

The Israeli military is increasingly accepting the possibility that one of its soldiers may have killed veteran Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, with reports emerging that Israel is investigating the possibility that one of its soldiers may have shot her during a raid. in the occupied city of Jenin, in the West Bank.

The admission that an Israeli soldier might be responsible is evidence that the Israelis are retracting their initial position that Palestinian fighters in Jenin were likely to have killed Abu Akleh.

Israel is conducting an investigation into the killing of Abu Akleh, Israeli military sources told the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post.

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Funeral will be held in Abu Akleh’s hometown of Jerusalem

A three-day commemorative procession, which began on Wednesday when Al Jazeera journalist Abu Akleh was shot dead by Israeli forces while reporting on a raid on the Jenin refugee camp, will culminate on Friday with a funeral in his city. native of Jerusalem.

Friday’s events are expected to start with a procession from St Louis French Hospital in occupied East Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, where Abu Akleh’s body lay overnight, to Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City, where a funeral will be held in the afternoon at the Cathedral of the Annunciation of the Virgin.

Abu Akleh, who was killed at the age of 51, will be buried next to her parents at the nearby Mount Zion Protestant Cemetery.

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