Introducing oHHo, dedicated to bringing you plants with benefits

oHHo is a cannabis and botanical wellness company dedicated to providing Plants with Benefits™. In order to avoid mediocrity, we recognize differences in names, cultivation and processing. We set the standard for quality and celebrate the nation’s status within the cannabis industry.

Working hand-in-hand with our network of American growers and a team of world-class biochemists, our goal is to bring you the purest, sustainable, highly potent CBD and botanical products. We didn’t join this industry to make a quick buck. Each stage of our product development is carried out diligently, sustainably and with a strict code of ethics.

Natural instead of artificial, our plants are grown in the sun in natural soil in the most pristine regions of America. We capture what nature provides without adding or complicating it. Our oils only have two ingredients: Hemp extract and MCT oil, both of which you can spell, and our other products contain only complimentary ingredients that showcase the power of our cannabis extracts.

oHHo products are aimed at a need-based condition. Sleep, anxiety, pain, skin hydration. From topicals to tinctures, there is an oHHo product for everyone.

Large-scale agriculture, also known as industrialized agriculture, controls about 80% of the market. Huge amounts of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and hormones are used. Huge areas from 200 to 2 million hectares are industrially cultivated with mechanical methods that are not good for our planet.

Cultivation on such a large scale disrupts local biodiversity and systems to a devastating level. Large-scale agriculture is the single largest contributor to the global climate crisis and is simply unnecessary for growing cannabis.

At oHHo we use small farms, cultivating areas between 1-40 hectares. This scale allows for a more human and less industrial growing process, where each plant can be individually nurtured by hand. Sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices meet today’s needs, but not at the expense of natural resources and future generations.

Our farmers have a passion for sustainably growing organic cannabis and hemp plants and share our mission of growing the highest quality crops, showing love for the planet.

We accept the responsibility to be caretakers of the natural world and improve the societies in which we live. When we are together, we can be a stronger force for positive change. We always use only organic and sustainably grown cannabis extracts, ethically sourced from small independent farms, providing exceptional quality and purity to our customers.

Our company is founded on respect—for our people, our processes and our planet. We don’t see that good work has to be done by exploiting resources or people.

As members of the 1% for the Planet community, we pledge to donate 1% of our annual sales to help fund non-profit environmental organizations that take the initiative around the world. We want to be aware of our impact on the environment and we want you to feel that with every purchase you are helping us to be part of that mission.

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