Interior Minister: Parliamentary elections are 100% complete

The Minister of the Interior and Municipalities, Judge Bassam Mawlawi, considered, in an exclusive interview with the “Al-Hurra” channel, hours before the start of the voting process for expatriate Lebanese in the framework of the parliamentary elections, that “what the head of the Elections Supervisory Board, Nadim Abdel-Malik, said that paying bribes is dangerous and must be notarized, and you must inform me and inform the prosecutors, who will act immediately, but in fact, I did not personally inform no candidate for a documented complaint of bribery, nor have I received any complaint from the supervisory authority.” He said: “When the judge and the head of the control authority say that there is bribery, or when they say that there is a crime, they must have evidence, therefore, if the electoral control body has any evidence, it must provide us with the documents to act and public accusations”.

On Rep. Gibran Bassil’s complaint to the “Lebanese Forces” and “El Kataeb” Supervisory Council, in the context of exceeding financial limits for election spending on media and advertising, Mawlawi said: “The supervisory body did not report anything”.

He continued: “The vigilance board began its work on January 15, 2022, and today we are in the month of May 5, and it did not seem to me that the vigilance board took any dissuasive action or any action against any media outlet. I call for you to play your full role with decisions and measures, not only through the media, and if the issue requires the intervention of the judiciary, we put it with the judiciary, or with the Public Ministry if the issue is related to bribery, and we put it in the Publications Court if it is about media and advertising All the logistics, support and backup for what you need.”

Responding to the head of the supervisory board, who spoke of “financial and logistical difficulties facing the authority”, Mawlawi said: “There are no financial difficulties with the authority. We have secured a two-story place for them in a nearby building.” to the Ministry of the Interior, and also assured them of the necessary funds, in addition to that I informed the head of the supervisory board. The commission is the willingness and willingness of the Ministry of the Interior to give the commission the necessary advance that it requests, and we will comply with it and we will give the full amount.

In another context, Mawlawi revealed that “the problem of the Lebanese vote in the Emirates has been resolved, and the consulate will be adopted as the voting center.” He explained that “after complaints received about the inability of the consulate to accommodate the large number of registered voters, which was close to 21,000, the consulate was well equipped and tents were set up in its garden, and the necessary preparations were made to that expatriates vote without problems and without rush”.

He explained that “complaints received from more than one Western country, such as France, have been addressed, and some modifications have been made to facilitate the voting process for citizens.”

Following the uproar in Australia’s polling station distribution process, Molloy noted that “the Consul General implemented the Foreign Office’s instructions regarding the distribution of voters by address by postcode.”

Regarding the internal elections, Mawlawi referred to “a decree that will be issued on Thursday, May 5, according to which voters within the country will allow those with an expired passport to vote in it after we have stamped it, in exchange of an economic endowment of 200 thousand pounds, as happened with the expatriates”.

Asked about “the security protections that some candidates enjoy while other candidates do not come under attack, especially in the Bekaa and the south,” Mawlawi said: “The army accompanied Minister Gibran Bassil on his tours of the north and the Bekaa because he had information about the opposition movements for his visit to take place, and he, that is, the army intervenes where he deems it necessary. As for Sarafand, where the opposition forces were attacked, the army and security forces were unaware of the graphic.”

The Minister of the Interior confirmed that the parliamentary elections have been 100% complete and all preparations have been fully completed, and that the security forces are fully prepared and will not hesitate to play their role in the registration committees or at the polling stations. polling stations and polling stations. seasons

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