Industry Dive will add three newsletters in 2023

Industry Dive will debut three new newsletters in the fashion, hotel and packaging industries in early 2023.

Publications will begin in March.

“Our entry into the fashion, hotel and packaging sectors is the next step towards our goal of creating the world’s best business coverage in any market,” said the Editor-in-Chief of Industry Dive. Davide Savenije in the statement. “As companies and executives navigate a challenging economy, new regulations and evolving technologies, we seize the opportunity to help industry leaders stay abreast of the rapid changes occurring in their sectors.”

Earlier this month, vice president of product Megan McCoskey and senior managing editor for new issues Thai Phi Le was hired Brandon Castro focuses on recruiting new journalists as a talent acquisition specialist and Stacy Desimini as a project manager for a newly launched team.

“It’s a busy but exciting time as we bring on new team members to work alongside those who have helped us create 29 different publications,” said Le. “As we research to expand our reach and the company in the first few months of the new year, we know that all these different areas of expertise will result in more publications that readers can trust.”

Once published, these three new newsletters will bring Industry Dive’s publications to 32 titles.