Steve Kerr related Jonathan Kuminga to Shawn Marion. The Warriors want him to play similarly – The Athletic

CHICAGO — Jonathan Kuminga was born in 2002. He wasn’t alive during the Bulls’ dynasty run. But he has internet. He saw the highlights of Michael Jordan. He was told that his first NBA coach, Steve Kerr, was one of those Jordan teams. So he came to Kerr with questions on Friday morning.

“How many championships have you won? asked Kuminga. “It was the first time I played in the building. Is it the same building? »

Kuminga moves like an adult on the basketball court, but in the NBA world he’s a basketball kid, knowing little about the past, learning rudimentary lessons from the present as everyone dreams of their future. .

There was another conversation between Kuminga and Kerr recently, days before he exploded for 25 points, three assists and three blocks in Chicago on Friday night, the jaw-dropping aspect of the Warriors’ blowout 138-96 win over the Bulls.

Kerr brought the film to this meeting. He wanted to show Kuminga several examples of the type of half-effort plays that always put him on the fringes of the Warriors night rotation. Too many times this season, Kuminga’s focus and energy has been too uneven.

That late-December fast-breaking streak against the Kings is just one example of a hundred. Kuminga is in the left corner when Sacramento gets the defensive rebound. His job is to sprint in transition and get into the mix.

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