Charles REFUSES to answer questions on Prince Andrew case as Her Majesty CUTS Duke ties

Charles played a vital role in the decision to strip Andrew of the titles

Charles was involved in the Royal Family’s discussions with the Queen and the Duke of Cambridge which led to Andrew losing his military roles, patronages and abandoning his HRH style.

But when he arrived at Haddo House and Country Park, the heir to the throne made no comment when a Sky broadcaster said: “Your Royal Highness, may I ask your opinion on the position of your brother, Prince Andrew? How do you see him?”

Mr Smith, whose organization is campaigning for an elected head of state, said of the Royal Family: ‘Why should we pay for their security? The job of the monarchy is to give us a head of state. State – we don’t need to be giving security to all of them.Many celebrities and other high profile people pay for their own security.

“Given he’s not really a member of the royal household anymore, it makes sense that he pays for his own security.”

He said of the Queen’s decision to strip the Duke of his military affiliations: “It’s about protecting the monarchy, it’s not about a mother doing the right thing with her son and it’s not about caring about justice for the women abused by Epstein and his friends, it’s about protecting the royal family for future generations.”

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