News 3 Sports would like to congratulate our latest Classroom Champion, Robyn Schoenemann.

News 3 Sports would like to congratulate our last class champion, Robyn Schoenemann. The senior from St Joseph’s Catholic School has a GPA of 4.34 and ranks 2nd in her class.

She is on the Honor Roll, a member of Eagles 4 Life, the American Sign Language Club, choir and student council.

“Robin works hard every day, she’s one of the first people in the class in the morning, sometimes even working before school starts. She tests, well, tests well and goes all out on projects and group work as well. All of her classmates want to work with her on group projects because of the effort she is able to put in. On the field side, her motivation is that she is a competitor. Every time she walks on a court, field or track, she wants to be the best. And she’s going to work hard in training to make that happen. And she’s going to work hard to help her teammates achieve that level of competitiveness so they can be successful together. -Seth Walker Girls Head Basketball Coach / Teacher

An extraordinary athlete, Robyn is an all-district pick in volleyball, basketball and track and field while also being named to the All-State Teams in Basketball and for the State Runner-up, the Eagles in Volleyball. -ball. “Starting in first year, she was part of all our teams. And since then, she has strengthened herself to be a trustworthy person, the captain, the leader for example. »Max Bergkamp: sports director

“People and coaches really make it easier for me just because the relationship I have with them and it’s fun what I do and I love what I do. My inspiration probably comes from my parents and classmates who push me to work as hard as I do, and my coaches are definitely a big inspiration to me too. says Schoenemann

Congratulations to St Joseph Robyn Schoenemann Catholic Schools

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