COVID updates: All the COVID news you need from across Australia

Cases, hospitalizations and deaths

If you don’t see your state or territory yet, don’t worry, these numbers will update throughout the day as they become available.

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Victoria: 34,836 new cases (15,440 rapid antigenic tests and 19,396 PCR tests) 18 deaths; 976 in hospital, 112 in intensive care including 30 ventilated

New South Wales: 63,018 new cases (37,938 rapid antigen tests and 25,080 PCR tests), 29 deaths, 2,525 in hospital, 184 in intensive care

Tasmania: 1,201 new cases (852 from rapid antigenic tests), 10 people hospitalized, 0 people in intensive care, 0 deaths

Queensland: 23,630 new cases (10,182 rapid antigenic tests), three deaths, 589 people hospitalized, 41 in intensive care, 15 people ventilated

ACT: 1,125 new cases (240 from rapid antigenic tests) 27 people hospitalized, three in intensive care, three people ventilated

South australia: 5,679 new cases (1,747 from rapid antigenic tests), 246 people hospitalized including 8 on a ventilator

Western Australia: A new local case, a child who has been in quarantine throughout his infectious period.

North territory: 546 new cases, 27 people hospitalized and one person in intensive care

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