Picking winners for each game, including the final Super Bowl 2022 score

It’s time to preview the 2021 NFL Playoffs by browsing my playoff slice. I’ll pick the winners for each of the six games we’re going to see this wild-card weekend, project who wins the games that follow, and make it to Super Bowl LVI. In all, I’m going to break down 13 different clashes and why I think they will favor one team or the other.

Of course, it goes without saying that this parenthesis will not be correct. Even if we were generous and assumed that my pick had a 65% chance of winning each game, the odds of hitting 13 consecutive caps are slightly over 240 to 1. Injury, COVID-19 related absences and bad luck will appear. Even with a 17 game season, we overestimate what we really know about each team and their true level of talent. This makes the playoffs difficult to predict and extremely fun to watch.

Anyway, here is my support. I’ll start with the wild card weekend and work my way up to the Super Bowl. Let’s start with the AFC, where the Steelers had a new lease of life in the dying seconds of the regular season. Can they continue Ben Roethlisberger’s career with a miraculous run in the playoffs?

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Super Bowl LVI

AFC Wild Card Weekend

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