Marvel Celebrates Eternals’ Disney+ Debut With an Action-Filled Trailer

Marvel Studios presents its all-new Pantheon of Heroes in a thrilling, action-packed trailer to celebrate Eternals’ landing on Disney +.

Eternals just made its Disney + debut, leading Marvel Studios to celebrate the arrival of its latest Hall of Heroes to the streaming service with an action-packed trailer.

The clip, aptly titled “Action,” shows the immortal team of superheroes using their unique abilities to fight the Deviants. Although it’s only 30 seconds long, the trailer is packed with as much thrilling action as it gets, highlighting almost all of the Eternals. Kingo and Ikaris’ cosmic explosions can be seen alongside Thena’s prowess with her golden spear and crossbow as well as Sersi’s material manipulation and Ajak’s incredible strength.

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After its theatrical release at the end of last year, Eternals became the first and currently the only Marvel Cinematic Universe film to receive a “Rotten” review score on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. All the same, Eternals still managed to achieve a higher audience score, which sits at 78% at the time of writing. Film director Chloe Zhao noticed the divided response and recently encouraged fans to join in or watch Eternals for themselves now on Disney +.

For fans awaiting the film’s home release, Marvel recently detailed a handful of deleted scenes that will be included with the film when it launches on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD in February. Scenes show Phastos and his son Jack having a conversation that leads to a breakthrough, Sprite and Makkari sharing their opinions on humanity, Gilgamesh and Kingo hooking up on films, and Sprite confronting Dane about his relationship with Sersi. A fifth deleted scene has also been revealed, in which Makkari expresses his belief that humanity is worth saving, surprising Sprite and causing him to remind his Eternal companion that human history is filled with many atrocities.

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Eternals is just one of many MCU projects released over the past year, prompting Marvel to reveal where the film fits in the MCU timeline. Using the chronological order feature on Disney +, Marvel confirmed the events of Eternals take place after Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings and before Hawk Eye. which follows the order of release of these titles. There has been no official word on whether the public will see another Eternals project on the MCU timeline, though actor Sersi Gemma Chan recently teased his character’s eventual return.

Eternals is now available to stream exclusively on Disney +.

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