Logan Paul’s $3.5 Million Box of Pokemon Cards Confirmed as Fakes

Logan Paul posted a video indicating that a box purported to contain multiple 1st Edition Pokemon Card Booster cases was fake, meaning he was scammed for $ 3.5 million. The video, which was released earlier today, shows Paul, the card collector he purchased the box from, and a sports card authenticator opening the case and finding it was filled with wrapped GI Joe cards. in legitimate Pokemon booster card cases. Paul does not provide any explanation in the video as to whether he will seek compensation from the authenticating company or if he has some sort of insurance in case the cards are fake. You can watch the full video below:

Paul purchased the card case in late 2020 after learning that the sealed box supposedly contained several Pokemon 1st Edition card recall cases. The existence of only one of these boxes has already been confirmed. However, while the box has been authenticated by a legitimate sports card rating company, Pokemon card experts have pointed out several inconsistencies with the box’s label and packaging. Additionally, the original box owner has told several conflicting stories about how it came into his possession, which led to the box being initially sold for a paltry $ 75,000.

Unfortunately, due to the popularity of ancient Pokemon cards (a trend Paul helped to dramatically increase), many scammers seek to take advantage of naïve potential buyers. One of the main questions that remains is how Paul, who has a large collection of ancient Pokémon cards, including 5 legitimate unopened recall cases from the 1st Edition base set, did not ask for the review from an established Pokémon authenticator.

Considering that over $ 6 million in funds were spent on purchasing this one case alone, we almost certainly haven’t heard the end of this story. How Paul and his fellow collector “shyne150” (from whom Paul purchased the card holder) claim return will almost certainly be a story we will hear more about in the weeks to come. Expect to see more videos of Paul on the fake card case in the very near future.

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