Joe Judge rebounds with pizza and beer

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Maybe Joe Judge really wanted to get fired.

A day after the Giants gave the sophomore coach his pink record, Judge had a bunch of pizzas and beers sent to his house, via

With a five-year, $ 25 million contract and only two years completed, Judge will get $ 15 million over the next three years to not coach the Giants. So whether he likes it or not, Judge will be paid well for not coaching the Giants. So, yes, this is a good occasion for pizza and beer.

If he returns to training, he will now have to decide if he will work essentially for free. The Giants will get dollar for dollar credit for anything they do elsewhere.

He may think he needs to get back on the horse in hopes of eventually having another shot at becoming a head trainer. There’s a good chance he won’t. Hired as a guy who was largely unknown in 2020, Judge will struggle to get another hit – especially if he becomes a special teams coordinator again.

It’s unfortunate, but it’s one of the consequences of crashing and burning the way he did, capping his tenure with bizarre rants and a clumsy quarterback squeezing third and nine in a devoid game. meaningless. No matter what he does as a coach, he will be struggling to live through the final days of his tenure with the Giants.

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