Indianapolis Colts Radio Analyst Absolutely Destroys Ex-Eagle Carson Wentz – NBC10 Philadelphia

Colts absolutely destroyed radio analyst Carson Wentz originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Add Colts radio voice Rick Venturi to the growing list of people linked to the Colts to blow up beleaguered quarterback Carson Wentz.

Venturi, a former college head coach and longtime NFL assistant coach, is now the color analyst on the Colts’ radio network, and in an interview on 107.5 The Fan radio station with an apparently host. Known as “JMV,” Venturi questioned Wentz’s ability to continue as a Colts quarterback.

“A franchise can make a mistake,” Venturi said at 107.5 according to the Indianapolis Star. “It can make a mistake in evaluating people, whether it’s a draft, a business, a free agency. It’s never an exact science. But the biggest mistake any franchise makes, despite $ 15 million, is to make the second mistake, and that’s to live with the first mistake.

“For me, you are making a difficult decision. And at this point, I would lean to go in a different direction.”

In February, the Eagles sent Wentz to the Colts for two draft picks that ended up becoming the 18th pick in this year’s draft and a 3rd round pick in last year’s draft that indirectly became Milton Williams.

Some believed that being reunited with Colts head coach Frank Reich, his offensive coordinator with the Eagles in his big 2017 season, would make Wentz younger after a disappointing 2020 season that saw him pass for Jalen Hurts.

“He couldn’t have been in a better situation,” Venturi said. “I accepted the deal. I made the highlight strip, I looked at him, I looked at all the tools he had. He’s a multi-tool player. When you look at him in isolation. , there’s absolutely nothing he can’t do And he got into a situation with the quarterback whisperer, a guy who wanted him, got up on the table for him, got them sold to this organization.

Although the former Pro Bowler recorded decent numbers – 27 touchdowns, 7 interceptions and a 94.6 passer rating – he struggled in the last two games of the season, upending losses to the Raiders and the Jaguars who knocked the Colts out of the playoff hunt. .

In the 26-11 loss to the Jaguars – 14 underdogs by 1/2 points – Wentz lost a fumble, threw an interception, passed for just 185 yards and amassed just three points until the dying minutes of the match. It cost the Colts a playoff berth and meant Wentz would hit his 30th birthday without ever winning (or even finishing) a playoff game.

Dave Zangaro and Reuben Frank are reacting to a crazy turn of events in Week 18 which saw Carson Wentz and the Colts lose their playoff chances against the Jaguars 2-14.

Venturi isn’t just a radio guy.

He is a former Northwestern head coach and coached in the NFL from 1982-2008 with the Colts, Browns, Saints and Rams. He also held two positions as interim NFL coach, replacing Colts coach Ron Meyer when he was sacked after five games in 1991 and replacing Saints coach Jim Mora when he was sacked. after eight games in 1996. He most recently served as the Rams’ defensive coordinator in 2008.

But he got it with Wentz.

“When you watch Wentz it’s very easy to be impressed,” he said. “But in the end some players grow up on you and some players grow up negatively. He grew up negatively on me because what I see in the long run is the guy killing us with erratic throws, periods of precision erratic.

“It kills me the most because I think it’s probably irreversible, it’s outright judgmental issues that are just plain ridiculous. We’ve seen them over and over again. I think he’s more of a blacksmith than a surgeon. I thinks great times are his enemy. I doubt it’s reversible. Frank couldn’t have done it. Who can? “

Wentz has earned just over $ 100 million so far in his six seasons in the NFL, roughly $ 79 million from the Eagles and $ 21 million from the Colts.

He has a cap of $ 28,294,118 in 2022, but would only have $ 15 million in dead money – the guaranteed money left over from his original contract with the Eagles – if the Colts released him. If they released him after 2022, they wouldn’t be absorbing dead ceiling money.

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