Frank Reich warned Colts last week: Jaguars think they can beat us, and they’re right

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The Colts lost on Sunday in the most astonishing upset of this NFL season, being knocked out of the playoffs by a Jaguars team with the worst record in the league. You might think no one saw it coming, but Colts coach Frank Reich did.

The last episode of the season Hard knocks which the Colts attended showed Reich leading the first team meeting the week before that Jaguars game and warning the Colts that they’ve always struggled in Jacksonville and couldn’t afford less than their best .

“We took three really good teams to Jacksonville and lost even when their records were poor,” Reich told the assembled players. I promise you this: they’re setting in their meeting right now, thinking they’re going to beat us. Thinking that they can beat us and ruin our season. And you know what? They’re right. We have to recognize that we know it is right. They can beat us. If we don’t prepare, if we don’t do our best now, if we don’t prepare our best this week, we can be beaten. We are in a do or die situation. Win-win situation. The stakes are higher than the stakes are in this business. “

That warning didn’t stop the Colts from playing their worst game of the season and seeing the season come to a shocking end.

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