Book of Boba Fett: Temuera Morrison On Making the ‘Claustrophobic’ And ‘Painful’ Sarlacc Pit Scene

Ever since Han Solo sent Boba Fett to fall into Sarlacc’s belly in Return of the Jedi, Star Wars fans have been wondering if the infamous bounty survived its passage through the belly of the beast.

The Mandalorian has confirmed that, yes, Boba Fett is alive and well, and his follow-up provides more details on how he escaped. In Episode 1, we see Fett trapped in the Sarlacc’s stomach, where he cleverly uses a Stormtrooper’s respirator and flamethrower to escape.

Speaking of making the scene, actor Temuera Morrison described her as “claustrophobic”.

“I remember the slime, and I remember not breathing too well in it, and they had all these people moving these things around me… It was very painful, actually,” Morrison said.

In the next scene, Fett leaps out of the sand – a moment apparently predicted by Patton Oswalt in a memorable parks and recreation scene. It’s meant to reflect the rebirth of Boba Fett, says Morrison, as the bounty hunter emerges into the barren wasteland stripped of his familiar weapons and armor.

“It was nice to have that as a low point so that something could grow and blossom into something else and try to snap back into place,” Morrison said. “So this is the reappearance of Boba, coming out of the sand, reappearing.”

Boba Fett’s book is currently in the middle of its seven-episode run, with the third episode released earlier today. In our review of the first episode, we called it a “strong but restricted opening to this new Star Wars spin-off” with a few “choice flashbacks that establish Boba Fett 2.0”

We also spoke with Morrison’s co-star Ming-Na Wen, who plays the mysterious Fennec Shand. In the interview, Shand explains how Street Fighter prepared her for roles in Agents of SHIELD and now Book of Boba Fett.

Boba Fett’s book runs until February on Disney +.

Kat Bailey is Senior News Editor at IGN

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