Tom Brady continues to re-write the NFL postseason record book in 2022

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Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady already owns some of the most important NFL playoff records, and he will add to those records when the Bucs host the Eagles on Sunday.

Here are some of the playoff records Brady owns, and some notes on how far everyone in the league is to match Brady’s records:

Games played: Brady will make his 46th career playoff game on Sunday. Former kicker Adam Vinatieri is second all-time, having appeared in 32 career playoff games. Another former Brady kicker, Stephen Gostkowski, is tied with Jerry Rice for third with 29 games.

The games have started: Brady has started all of his playoff games, so he will also raise that record to 46. Kickers are not considered starters, so Rice is next with 29 starts.

Games as a winning quarterback: Brady has 34 playoff wins. Joe Montana is second with 16. In third place, Terry Bradshaw, John Elway and Peyton Manning are tied at three with 14 playoff wins, and Ben Roethlisberger can also claim his 14th career playoff win if the Steelers beat. the Chiefs Sunday.

Passes thrown: Brady threw 1,764 playoff assists. Peyton Manning, with 1,027 playoff assists, is the only other quarterback to throw more than 1,000.

Passes completed: Brady completed 1,106 playoff assists. Peyton Manning finished 649, and no one else has even finished 500 in a career in the playoffs.

Overtaking sites: Brady is the all-time leader with 12,449 passing yards in the playoffs. Peyton Manning is second at 7,339, followed by Brett Favre at 5,885.

Pass touches: Brady has 73 career touchdown passes in the playoffs. Joe Montana and Aaron Rodgers are tied for second at 45.

Brady will continue to add to his records on Sunday, and possibly for a few playoff games after that.

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