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SPOIL ALERT: Story includes details of NBC’s January 11 It’s us episode, “The Lovebirds”.

It’s us solved two flash mysteries tonight: who was in the white car entering Kevin’s driveway, and who Nicky is married to in the future.

The answer to both is Edie, a new character introduced at the end of Episode 2 of It’s us‘last season. She is played by veteran actress Vanessa Bell Calloway, probably best known for her roles in the Coming to America film franchise and in Showtime’s Shameless. It will be recurring, appearing in a few episodes, It’s us creator / executive producer Dan Fogelman has confirmed to Deadline.

The episode, “Lovebirds,” juxtaposed two road trips: Nicky, joined by Rebecca and Miguel, went to see his longtime love, Sally, whom he had longed for decades. Meanwhile, Deja takes the bus to Boston to visit her boyfriend, Malik, who is now at Harvard, and the two have sex.

Sally, the one who ran away after Nicky long ago, couldn’t muster the courage to leave Pittsburgh and follow her to Woodstock, has been a popular theory as to who Nicky would marry. (He was seen wearing a wedding ring as he sat by Rebecca’s bedside in the main 2030s flashforward the show was heading towards, and referred to his “wife” in Kate’s wedding flashforward 4 to 5 years in the future.)

There have been speculations from crazier fans, from Nicky marrying the much younger Cassidy, played by Jennifer Morrison, to him settling down with his late brother’s widow, Mandy Moore’s Rebecca, whom Fogelman dismissed as wacky. .

During Nicky, Rebecca and Miguel’s meeting with Sally, Rebecca gives a heart-wrenching speech about her fears over the devastating impact of Alzheimer’s disease that featured in the Season 6 trailer (“Sometimes I Think About what will be my very last memory before the candle goes out, “she said.” I don’t mind forgetting the big things. These are the little things that I’m not yet ready to give up. “)

It turns out that Sally is married – not luckily, it seems – crushing the prospect of rekindling young love with Nicky. But since all seemed lost in the romance department for Nicky, he verbally argues on a plane with a spirited flight attendant, Edie (Calloway), in an attempt to install a seat.

It is then revealed that the “Look who’s here” line that Randall uttered in a flashforward last season as he and Deja saw a car pull up at Kevin’s house, concerned Edie, getting out of the car. She kisses Randall and Deja, then kisses Nicky and accompanies her to Rebecca’s bedside.

In an interview with Deadline, Fogelman discusses the introduction of Edie’s character and his rationale for Nicky ending up with Sally; Calloway’s future in the series; as good as It’s us’ overall plan for using flashforwards in the last season, which is a bit different from previous seasons.

DEADLINE: Was the plan still for Nicky to meet up with Edie? Have you considered other options with whom he would marry?

FOGELMAN: No. There would have been only two options. There would have been the stranger, which is sort of, and the journey led him to opening up to love, or if that was the case, he ends up with Sally at the end. , the woman he met in his youth, and he just felt a little too easy and too practical for him to end up with this woman.

As we recognized, we said, what is the story we want to tell for this guy talking about looking back, and remembering, and from memory? For us it was a lot more exciting to take him on a journey that doesn’t just have a clean and perfect ending, that, oh, the girl is magically available after 50, and they still have the same feelings the one towards the other, and that’s good, against a reconnection that moves him forward in his journey. Watching the growth of Griffin, the actor of this character, has been such an exciting part of the back half of our journey for all of us as writers. It’s so funny to see him, on that plane at the end, have a little bit of boast, from this guy who was locked in his trailer just a few years ago. It has been a really exciting trip. We felt it was the right choice for him. So, this romantic journey with Sally made him love instead of being the answer to her love affair.

DEADLINE: You closed that romantic chapter, then immediately opened a new one.


DEADLINE: Like Griffin Dunne, whose casting as Nicky was kept under wraps until it was revealed on screen that Nicky was alive, you had kept Vanessa’s cast silent, so we don’t have much to say. ‘information on the scope of its role. Will we see more Edie in the future? Will Vanessa be a recurring actor?

FOGELMAN: Yeah. Absoutely. At the start of the season, she has this awesome stuff, and you can see what Nicky looks like in a relationship. It’s really fun, it’s really exciting, and it’s just such a beautiful color in the character. Like you said, this is one of the brilliant ways I was excited to end chapters on a TV series. Here is this guy, and he had a story, and we had already started telling the end of his story, in terms of what he becomes and what he does with his life, and what he does with his life. romantic, and it’s just really fulfilling and really rewarding to see it. I hope the whole ending of the series can look a bit like this as well.

DEADLINE: What’s your plan for last season’s flashforwards? Usually we get them once per season, progressing to the finale when that scene with the family reunion while Rebecca is dying is fully revealed. Will there be more flashforwards scattered all over the place – both the principal and Kate’s wedding?

FOGELMAN: Yeah. We have these two periods that as we go through the season we’ll be spending a lot of time there, that is, the four or five years in the future, at Kate and Phillip’s wedding and at the house where the family gathers, gently, during these last seasons. It will be a little different from what we have done in the past, which is that we are going to do a little less – not that we will not do it at all – but a little less of these , like at the end of Episode 2, where you see a preview of it to provide an answer, compared to when we get to those places, we’ll live there a little bit more.

We have a real plan for how we’re going to allocate the time, and you’ll see that it’s been part of our plan from the start. I think it will be very easy to follow and very much deserved for the people who are gone, wait, I see these glimpses of these things at the wedding or these things in the future that I want answers to the things I see. I think we’re going to live there enough that people get all this closure that they are looking for.

DEADLINE: Speaking of which, how long before we finally get some answers as to why Kate and Miguel have been MIA in the flashforward so far?

FOGELMAN: This one might take a while, but you will get all the answers.

Calloway is replaced by Zero Gravity Management.

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