‘Superman And Lois’ Recap: Season 2 Episode 1 — Mine Ending Explained

Superman and Lois returned to The CW for its second season on Tuesday, introducing a new foe, a new friend (with perks), and an otherworldly mystery that will continue to unfold in the weeks to come. Let’s get right to the point, will you?

Much of the drama of that first hour came from Lois’ inability to understand Natalie’s situation, constantly struggling between feeling that she should be attracted to her daughter from another land and wondering why she didn’t. is not.

“This is the strangest relationship you can imagine, such a bizarre situation,” showrunner Todd Helbing told TVLine. “They are both emotionally strong women, so it was interesting for us writers to explore what the reality of that would be. How would you react? You’d like to say it’s like Lois had the girl she lost, but she never really had a girl. It’s not the same thing. And for Natalie, it’s not her mom. We just wanted to figure out what it would really be like for the two of them. “

The whole ordeal has forced Lois to reflect on her relationship with her own mother, whom she has not forgiven for abandoning the Lane family all those years ago. But now, with Natalie around and her feeling nothing, Lois began to wonder if she looked more like her mother than she thought. Clark assured his wife that she wasn’t like that, but it looks like we have to be the judges ourselves. Helbing confirms that we will ‘probably meet [Lois’ mom] at some point in the future ”, although he clarified,“ I don’t know for this season. May be.”

“You’re learning a lot about the Lane family this season,” Helbing adds. ” You learn [Lois and Lucy’s] childhood, and you learn why Sam, Lois and Lucy are the way they are. When Lois tells Clark about her mother’s departure, it’s a fundamental change. This explains everyone’s attitude and why we haven’t talked about Lucy in season 1 or why Lane never talked about his wife. [Her departure was] a pivotal moment in their three lives, when they all started to take different paths. You will learn what it did to Lucy’s psyche and the road it took her. (If you haven’t already, click here for our exclusive first look at Jenna Dewan’s return as Lucy!)

Meanwhile, Superman found himself at odds with Lt. Mitch Anderson (played by Tyler Hoechlin’s Teen wolf buddy Ian Bohen) on where his overpowered allegiance lies. For example, the smarmy army man was not thrilled that Clark [A] rescued a North Korean nuclear submarine and [B] returned it to its native soil, no questions asked. When Superman made it clear that he was a servant of the world, not just the United States, Anderson asserted that “America can have more than one Superman.”

And it wasn’t just words. The episode introduced us to a pair of super powerful rookies (rocking suits roughly emblazoned with the iconic symbol of House El!) which was involved in the Army’s rescue efforts after a mine explosion triggered an earthquake.

Speaking of this earthquake, the final moments of the episode took us back to the mines, where we got a glimpse of what was really responsible for these tremors. But all Helbing will say about that giant hand is this, “I guess a lot of people will know what it is. In Episode 2, you’ll see a bit more of it. And in Episode 3, you’ll find out exactly what it is. (Doomsday, maybe?)

To discuss also …

* Lois caught Jonathan and his girlfriend Candice getting down to business, prompting Clark to deliver what could were a very awkward sex conversation. Kudos to Clark for managing to avoid being too cranky, instead of exposing everything like a mature adult. Having said that, you might be wondering why Jonathan is suddenly dating a girl named Candice. The last time we saw him, Jonathan was getting closer to Tegan, whose father was imprisoned in Central City. Spoiler alert: you can say goodbye to this potential scenario. “You know what teenagers are like,” says Helbing. “You date someone for a month and then it’s over. During those three months, he and Tegan broke up and he started dating Candice.

* In other relationship news, Sarah returned from summer camp this week, but it wasn’t the happy comeback Jordan had expected. She didn’t like him showing up at her house without texting her first (awkward), and even though they shared a kiss on the site of their infamous arrest (aww!) It wasn’t exactly a passionate lock for the lips. Kyle then reminded her daughter that she was the alpha in her relationship and that she had to be honest with Jordan about… but how she really felt.

* The season premiere was directed by Arrowverse staple David Ramsey, but he won’t be behind the camera for long. Helbing confirms that we will “see him again” as John Diggle in the near future.

Do Superman and Lois have a strong return? Note the first one below, then drop a comment with your thoughts – including your theories on WTF is in this mine.

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