Ranking NFL head coaching openings from best to worst: AFC West openings are intriguing for different reasons

Are you ready for another round of the NFL coaching carousel? Playoff football is fun too, but it’s just as fun to keep up with coaching research as multiple NFL teams begin the process of interviewing and hiring their next leaders. Brian Daboll or Eric Bieniemy will they get jobs this time? Who is going to be the risky hiring this year? It’s going to be fun to see how this all moves.

The other side of NFL coaching research is the jobs themselves. If you were a flagship product, where would you want to train? You have players, quarterbacks, ceiling space, ownership – so much to consider. Below we will attempt to rank all of the Head Coach’s openings from first to worst.

It might not even be fair to call this a “head coach opening” as Rich Bisaccia is currently crushing it as an interim coach. He led the team to four straight wins to end the season, including the incredible 35-32 clash Sunday night against the Los Angeles Chargers that nearly ended in a tie. Bisaccia is going to get an interview, and if he beats the Cincinnati Bengals on Saturday, who knows what will happen?

Apparently every offseason we chat about Derek Carr and his future, but he’s just wrapped up a campaign in which he pitched for a career-high 4,804 yards. As we’ve seen recently, Josh Jacobs is a pretty good back when you want to pitch him, and Vegas also has a dominant slot receiver at Hunter Renfrow and one of the NFL’s best tight ends at Darren Waller. When it comes to defense there is work to be done on this side of the ball but you have to be impressed with how this unit has played down the home stretch at times. If you manage to make a few draft picks in your first season, things could change quickly. Expect the Raiders to be better in the draft as well, as CBS Sports NFL insider Jason La Canfora reports owner Mark Davis is “very likely” to change GM.

There’s another reason I have the Raiders as the # 1 vacancy in the NFL. This next head coach has a chance to be the face of the NFL in Vegas. The Raiders just wrapped up their first full season with fans in their all-new stadium, and this franchise is looking for something positive to feed on in one of America’s funniest cities. You could be that coach, you could be that leader. It’s tantalizing.

The Broncos have an incredibly talented roster. They only need a quarterback. Now it’s true that the quarterback position is the hardest to figure out – the Broncos haven’t had a good one since Peyton Manning in 2015 – but that’s all you have to do to make this franchise either in the playoff mix. Denver has a young and talented wide receiving body, a young offensive line, a formidable defensive front when the linebacker corps is in good health, and a future NFL star cornerback in Patrick Surtain II to accompany safety Justin Simmons.

Quarterback issue aside, the Broncos are undergoing a transfer / sale of ownership, but hopefully that’s something that gets decided pretty soon. Fighting Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert a total of four games a year isn’t a fun prospect, but if the Broncos get a franchise quarterback, they should be ready to compete.

The Dolphins are expected to have the most heading space in the NFL this offseason, but I have questions about this opening. Few expected Brian Flores to be sacked on Monday, but reports indicate he was on the losing side in a power struggle with general manager Chris Grier. The 40-year-old is expected to be a popular participant in the Coaching Carousel, which may indicate the Dolphins made the wrong choice in parting ways with him. Then again, Adam Beasley of Pro Football Network reported that Flores was “incredibly difficult to work with” and her relationships with the people in the building were sometimes non-existent. Whether Grier or Flores were wrong, I enter my hypothetical interview with my own questions to ask.

The jury is still out on quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. Although he showed improvement in the second year, he missed time again due to injury and there were still times when the offense fell flat. At the very least, you have to admit that a quarterback change could be down the line. Miami has an absolute stallion in Jaylen Waddle and a defense that could be one of the best in the league. Plus, who doesn’t want to live in South Florida?

Do the Bears or the Minnesota Vikings have the most intriguing job offer? Like all of these openings, Chicago has its pros and cons. These drawbacks certainly stood out when watching George McCaskey’s press conference on Monday. Local journalists literally ranked the most embarrassing moments of the afternoon in power.

In addition to ownership, the Bears have a quarterback at Justin Fields, which is exciting. The Ohio State product has a huge advantage as a double threat shooter, but just needs some leadership and protection. Chicago doesn’t have a first-round pick this offseason, but it does have ceiling space. Lots of work needs to be done on the roster, but it’s a solid opportunity with a young quarterback already in place.

5. Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings finally made the decision to part ways with Mike Zimmer after 20 seasons. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but it says a lot about the Wilfs that they are giving their head coaches a chance. This is something you should consider valuable when you feel like the leash of new head coaches is getting tighter every year.

It’s a good thing the property seems patient, as the Vikings could be facing a solid rebuild. Defense needs major upgrades and is strapped for cash. Additionally, Kirk Cousins ​​is entering the final year of his contract and is due $ 35 million in base salary, per Spotrac, so you’ll need to be prepared to come up with a plan for this role. I’m not as scared of NFC North as I was a few years ago, as it looks like Aaron Rodgers could be close to leaving this offseason. The Vikings have never lost more than nine games in a season under Zimmer, so it’s not like they’ve ever been one of the worst teams in the NFL. You have a few pieces to work with in stars like Justin Jefferson and Dalvin Cook, but you’ll have to be smart about how you handle the draft and free agency – especially in this first offseason.

6. The giants of New York

The G-Men are set to exceed the 2022 salary cap well, needing to cut something in the order of $ 16 million just to be clear. They have also quickly become a model of desperation in major markets, missing the playoffs nine times in the past 10 seasons while spinning six different head coaches, including interim ones. The division, while often ridiculed, is no slouch either, with the Cowboys and Eagles both entering the playoffs this year. In short, it is not really close to a desirable destination.

It’s still New York! And no legitimate candidate for the NFL coach would completely balk at the opportunity to revive the Giants brand. There’s also the fact that while the Giants don’t necessarily have a long-term QB, neither are they unnecessarily tied to a bad one, with Daniel Jones entering a year of contract with an inexpensive deal. Add to that Patrick Graham’s at least usable defense and a pair of top 10 draft picks, and you might have the ammo for a two-year turnaround. Things can’t be much worse than they were under the judge … and Pat Shurmur … and Ben McAdoo … and …

The Jaguars have a franchise quarterback in Trevor Lawrence, plenty of cap room and the overall top pick. That’s good, but the issues with this organization go beyond money and draft picks. With all due respect, the Jaguars have been the laughing stock of the NFL for years. Fans even organized a “clown” last Sunday to poke fun at the organization considering retaining chief executive Trent Baalke. A plane carrying a banner stating #KlownTown was reportedly seen above the stadium. During a stadium quiz segment, a fan even said “D.) Fire Baalke” to the delight of all participants.

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports says the whole organization has to be structured differently, the whole culture has to change. The new head coach will not only have to rebuild the franchise on the field, but he will also have to do it off the field.

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