‘Naomi’ Recap: Series Premiere on The CW, DC Comics, Superman

The main character of the new DC comic adaptation of The CW Naomi doesn’t need superpowers to be popular or cool. As viewers saw on Tuesday’s premiere, all Naomi has to do is go to parties and take a skate ride or two before school, and she is greeted with cheers and dap. .

In fact, her newfound abilities seemed to actually restrict her style, make her dizzy, and open up a whole new world of questions she wasn’t ready to ask or answer. The reveal began shortly after the high school student abruptly left the debate club to hunt a Superman stunt on Main Street in her Pacific Northwest town.

But when she got near the town square, a ringing in her ears made her pass out, and when she came to herself, Superman or whatever was over, and she had to. ask people what they saw in order to post something on his Superman Blog. Turns out the black girl nerd has the third best Man of Steel site in the world, but wasn’t really sure it was real until the stunt took place.

Things were no less baffling for the braided, bespectacled beauty. And not only did she pass out again during a nature-versus-culture debate at a nearby military base, but when she encountered Zumbado in the Red River Forest the next day, the force of her powers levitated them. leaves and chased her away from her. feet. Zumbado spoke in riddles and frightened Naomi, who unwittingly handed him a metal disc engraved with a foreign language when it fell from her hands. Before leaving, Zumbado told Naomi not to believe everything she thought she knew.

Later, when she and her pals broke into Zumbado’s crappy used car dealership, she found out that the cryptic car salesman had published a newspaper the same day her parents adopted her. What what? Naomi also visited Dee’s tattoo shop to ask her about the Superman event.

At first Dee said he staged the case involving Superman, which he seemed to know about, but Naomi learned he lied about the staging. When she approached Dee again after narrowly escaping the Zumbado franchise with her potential love interests Nathan, Anthony and Lourdes as well as her best friend Annabelle and boo Annabelle Jacob, the meeting between Naomi and Dee was much warmer.

Dee apologized for being gruff and tried to be frank and helpful. So Naomi told Dee about the dizziness and the buzzing, and Dee implied that Naomi is an alien just like him and Superman. An incredulous Naomi didn’t believe Dee at first, but then he sprouted metal wings like a mic drop, and she asked who and what he was.

Naomi, Dee's wings But Dee, who will likely have to guide and mentor Naomi through her superhuman abilities, pointed out that her mentee wasn’t asking the right questions, and that’s when Naomi wondered aloud who she is really.

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