Kaci Walfall Teases Naomi’s Relationship With Superman, Other DC Heroes

Naomi will launch its first episode on Tuesday night, ushering in a new era of The CW’s DC TV show multiverse. The series will introduce Naomi McDuffie (Kaci Walfall) to the world of live-action, a relatively new heroine who has already crossed paths with the Justice League and Young Justice on the pages of DC Comics. While audiences will have to wait and see exactly where Naomi fits into the world of DCTV, we know the series will be about a new incarnation of Superman, as opposed to The CW’s existing Superman currently played by Tyler Hoechlin on Superman and Lois. In a recent roundtable interview with the press, Walfall discussed how his version of Naomi would react to a hypothetical encounter with a Superman, and how her belonging to a universe separate from other DC heroes could be an advantage.

“She has a few interactions with him in the comics, and I think they’re so hilarious,” Walfall revealed. “I think, if she met him in person, she would probably pass out. Not the way she passed out in the pilot, but the way it’s like, ‘This is real!’ She would ask him 20 million questions. I think that would be one of the funniest relationships that would happen in Naomi’s life. “

“It’s a different universe,” Walfall added. “She can’t necessarily call on The Flash. She can’t necessarily call on Supergirl. I also think that it allows her to grow more, and it allows her to learn on her own. But in her universe, she has people like Dee, and Dee can teach her. He doesn’t have all the answers, but he can teach her more about her life as a hero. She walks through it throughout the series. I also think the series is different because it’s a different narrative that is It’s a different story being told. The series is a little lighter, but it’s also a lot darker and a lot more personal. Sometimes it does, let’s say it all. the world has powers, would that be such a positive thing or would we feel an immense amount of pressure? “

While Naomi co-creator Ava DuVernay has hinted that there won’t be any crossovers with other shows in Season 1, Walfall talked about what other DC TV actors she’d like to cross paths with, as well as her own familiarity

“I would love to meet Grant Gustin,” Walfall revealed. “I like Flash. Candace Patton and Melissa Benoist. I like Super girl. Javicia Leslie. There are so many great people in the DC world who have told great stories that I would love to meet. “

“I didn’t know DC Comics,” Walfall revealed elsewhere at the press event. “Of course I knew what DC Comics was, but I hadn’t read any DC comics. I watched Flash. I watched Super Girl. Super girl was my favorite show when I was in college. I watched Black Lightning. I loved Wonder woman when it was released, it was my favorite movie the year it was released. And the first Suicide Squad, I forced my family to watch this after watching it for the first time, because I had never seen anything like it. So I was really excited to have booked this project, to even have an audition for it. “

“I think what’s great about the DC Universe is that all of the [stories] in DC Comics are superheroes, ”Walfall added. “Not all comics are superhero comics, but there are so many different stories told in the realm of DC Comics. “

Naomi premieres Tuesday, Jan.11 at 9 / 8c on The CW.

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