Restaurants, bars to be shut from today onward; atleast 19k new Covid-19 cases

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In total, 18,795 people, including 6,212 health workers, received a “precautionary dose” of Covid-19 vaccine in the capital on Monday, according to government data. Delhi hospitals are experiencing a shortage of healthcare workers due to the increase in infections among them, due to which doctors will not be required to quarantine themselves after completing their duties in the Covid-19 wards , according to the Union Health Ministry.

Salil Tripathi (38) worked as a manager at Ricos in Hudson Lane and had accepted Zomato’s job to earn more, his family said.

In many ways, the life of Salil Tripathi told the story of an entire nation’s workforce, its moorings lost wave after wave of a relentless pandemic. And in many ways, his death summed up the tragedy.

Originally from UP Ayodhya, Tripathi worked in several star hotels before rising through the ranks to become a restaurant manager in the heart of Delhi. He was leading a comfortable life at age 36, according to his family, moving to a bustling suburb of the nation’s capital with his wife and son – and much more.

A few days after the arrest of a 25-year-old software developer in connection with the “Sulli deals” application, where photos of Muslim women captioned “deal of the day” were published six months ago, Defendant Aumkareshvara Thakur reportedly told investigators he came up with the idea after seeing a similar app, called “Sullideals101” on GitHub in 2019. He also claimed he only created a “base app “, which was then refined by two other members of a Twitter group called” Tradmahasabha “.

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