Kansas Governor Raised, Spent More Last Year Than GOP Foe | Kansas News

TOPEKA, Kansas (AP) – Facing a tough contest for re-election in Kansas, Democratic Governor Laura Kelly raised more money last year, spent more money, and entered this year with more funds than her alleged Republican adversary.

Campaign finance reports filed Monday by Kelly and Attorney General Derek Schmidt’s campaigns suggest their contest could be unusually expensive for Kansas. Their reports covered last year.

Schmidt claimed he set an off-year fundraising record for a Republican gubernatorial candidate, although his figure was lower than the then Democratic governor’s $ 2 million. Kathleen Sebelius rose in 2005 before her run for reelection in 2006. Kelly beat Sebelius’ figure.

Kelly said she raised almost $ 2.05 million. That’s almost $ 412,000 or 25% more than the $ 1.64 million Schmidt raised after his campaign launched in early March.

But Kelly also spent more than twice as much on his campaign last year as Schmidt, more than $ 762,000 compared to about $ 331,000 for Schmidt.

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Kelly started the year with almost $ 655,000 in campaign funds compared to zero for Schmidt, and that advantage saw him enter this year with 49% more money, $ 1.94 million over $ 1.31 million from Schmidt.

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