Georgia and Alabama lead final AP Top 25

All four college football playoff teams took the top four spots in the Associated Press’s Top 25 final.

Georgia finished at No.1 ahead of Alabama after beating the Crimson Tide 33-18 on Monday night in the national title game. Georgia scored 27 points in the second half to recover from a 9-6 halftime deficit to win the school’s first national title in more than 40 seasons.

Alabama comes in second ahead of Michigan and Cincinnati. These latter two teams were the losers in the college football qualifying semi-final.

Sugar Bowl winner Baylor ends the season in 5th place after beating Ole Miss. The Bears beat the Rebels after Ole Miss QB quarterback Matt Corral injured his right leg in the first half of the game.

Ohio State is at No. 6 after winning the Rose Bowl in a Utah thriller. The Utes end the season at No.12 in the AP poll, just behind Ole Miss outside of the top 10.

Oklahoma State and Notre Dame are in positions 7 and 8 after their clash at the Fiesta Bowl. The Cowboys have a head start on the Irish after their comeback victory. Michigan State ends the season 9th after beating Pitt at the Peach Bowl, and Oklahoma completes the top 10 after beating Oregon at the Alamo Bowl.

Here is the full top 25 to end the season.

Top 25 PA

1. Georgia (14-1)

2. Alabama (13-2)

3. Michigan (12-2)

4. Cincinnati (13-1)

5. Baylor (12-2)

6. Ohio State (11-2)

7. Oklahoma State (12-2)

8. Notre Dame (11-2)

9. Michigan State (11-2)

10. Oklahoma (11-2)

11. Olé Miss (10-3)

12. Utah (10-4)

13. Pitt (11-3)

14. Clemson (10-3)

15. Wake Forest (11-3)

16. Louisiana (13-1)

17. Houston (12-2)

18. Kentucky (10-3)

19. Brigham Young (10-3)

20. State of North Carolina (9-3)

21. Arkansas (9-4)

22. Oregon (10-4)

23. Iowa (10-4)

24. State of Utah (11-3)

25. San Diego State (12-2)

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