Golden Globes 2022: Behind the Scenes at the Strangest Ceremony Ever

It took three minutes to get to the Beverly Hilton from the westbound on Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills this Sunday.

Any other year on Golden Globes night it would have been a nightmare of street closures, awkward shuttles, rooftop snipers and the reliable group of Westboro Baptist Church protesters vowing in Hollywood. that he would burn in the fires of hell.

But this year, the valet line at the iconic Los Angeles site was empty. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association put on a (comparatively) tiny show to celebrate the best of film and television with very little fanfare. The clean-lined event came as the struggling HFPA saw a boycott of talent due to a lack of diversity among its membership and some questionable business practices among the particularly small voting body of 105 global journalists.

Putting on a black tie and modest dresses, HFPA members lined up at a secluded check-in table flanked by COVID-19 compliance officers in the lobby. The hotel’s international ballroom, where NBC typically broadcasts the annual ceremony, was guarded by two metal detectors and a small production crew.

Prominent show business figures appeared to be keeping their promises to avoid the event – no famous faces, senior executives or notable publicity representatives could be spotted. Sources said a handful of HFPA consultants attended, but people watching was made more difficult by COVID protocols.

A participant inside the ballroom estimated that a total of 200 guests were in attendance, all masked for the duration of the show. Dinner was not served indoors, but Mediterranean fare and fresh sashimi awaited the notoriously party-loving group afterward in the former Trader Vic’s space by the pool. Decorated in blush and black tones, guests sipped champagne and openly smoked cigarettes (a dead giveaway that the international ensemble came to Los Angeles).

The Hilton turns into a small metropolis on a normal Globes night. Up to eight of the major studios and networks are hosting lavish screenings and after-parties around the main event. The hotel’s paying guests are relegated behind velvet ropes, where they can watch movie stars outside the Hilton’s copy and business center. But tonight, tumbleweeds may have blown through the marble halls as well.

By far, my favorite image of the night came before the doors were sealed for the show to start at 6 p.m., when a couple walked through the check-in line of evening-dressed guests putting on their hotel bathrobes. Hilton, carrying books and towels from an afternoon by the pool.

Front desk staff and inactive rooftop lounge workers lamented how slow the day had been, with most attributing it to the spread of the COVID-19 omicron variant (we have to offer staff from the Hilton a subscription to Variety).

Many in the industry have questioned the HFPA’s decision to host an in-person ceremony. The collective “downtime” given to them by the creative community (and their broadcast partner NBC) was meant to give the organization time to revise its issues. But the atmosphere there was very exciting. Thunderous applause was heard clearly in the hotel lobby for the winners like the best motion picture drama “The Power of the Dog”, as well as pre-recorded cameos from Jamie Lee Curtis and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Perhaps the lack of a red carpet contributed the most to the silent, apocalyptic vibe of the 2022 Golden Globe Awards. above that of a medical convention banquet. Through the occasional opening of the ballroom doors, you could glimpse two erected photo walls with the HPFA logo emblazoned on them. Guests posed there for selfies before heading to the after-party.

As different as the night seemed, rest assured that the show – which was not aired in any capacity – still went on for about an additional 10 minutes. That, and the sacred tradition of gift bags was alive and well. White plastic bags the size of a pair of Manolo Blahniks awaited guests as they made their way to the self-service parking lot.

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