‘Dexter: New Blood’ Episode 10: Sins of the Father


Sins of the father

Season 9

Episode 10

Editor’s Note

2 stars

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The silly disappointment of this one-and-done Dexter the revival can be easily featured in a scene midway through this finale where Dexter and Chef Angela Bishop are watching the same moon from different parts of town, which really makes me think they were about to burst in song. Ultimately, after some lackluster episodes and a kneeling conclusion, Clyde Phillips’
Attempt to right the wrongs at the end of the original series backfired, and the character Dexter Morgan was done a disservice. Where he was once a killer with a code put to rest with a botched and absurd expedition into the sea, the memory of him is now that of a literal joke, returned to his grave by his own son without an ounce of respect for her name. Back and forth, fans of the original Dexter, and the actors portraying the main characters of the series, would have been better if New blood had never been done. It was easier to deal with the disappointment of the end of the original series when we were able to retain Dexter’s memory as the untouchable predator at the top. Our wounds from that final had almost healed. But the New blood showrunner had to pick up the crust and let it seep in where there aren’t any fond memories of Dexter to be had. He’s just a smiling corpse in the snowy woods of a small town that he had duped for a little while. Not even long enough to build a legacy beyond being a guy who sold guns and nightbots. A guy in a series of guys who sleep with a single mom who would be better off without him.

There were only a few ways this show could end, and it ended as we thought: with Dexter’s death. His plan to start a new life, under a new name, in Iron Lake didn’t turn out the way it should or could have, but it turned out exactly the way it needed to be because Dexter never really wanted to stop. to kill. Once Harrison, the son he abandoned, came to town after spending most of his life wondering where his father was and why he was left behind, Dexter realized that the family life wasn’t really an option for him unless he could convince that family to join him in killing, but he failed too. Once Harrison saw past the fantasy of building a meaningful relationship with his estranged father, he knew he would be better off without Dexter. He just had to see for himself that he was a human being’s trash, let alone a father, and then he did the world a service by putting him down like a mad dog. Hell, the police chief even gave him a tip for his service. And she was sleeping with the rabid dog in question, which makes you wonder if Dexter was as bad as he was a father.

There’s even no satisfaction to be had in Dexter’s death because he left such a mess in its wake. Harrison must pick up the pieces of his life, once again, with no other consolation than a literary jacket from a school he can’t return to, a handful of money, and a rusty van. Speaking of which, how come he walked past a line of police cars without raising a red flag that it was Dexter’s truck coming out of town? And if Batista was in one of those cars, it sucks he must have made this trip for nothing. He’s gonna drive up to Iron Lake just to think “yeah, is that Dexter Morgan?” And how is Chief Bishop going to sleep at night knowing that she is literally the worst police chief ever? This show, I swear.

When Dexter first entered Iron Lake, he must have known that it was only a matter of time before he killed again. Her mask was harder to wear this time around, and all her guy smiling, here’s a donut routine that’s more like one of those creeps in the street that goes from “pretty dress” to “stuck bitch” in the blink of an eye. ‘eye. And it’s not like he broke up after ten years for something admirable, like removing a child diddler from the rotation or upholding a woman’s honor; he did it because some smart daddy’s boy pissed him off. And like smoking that first cigarette after quitting for years, he went from a murderer a week to a pack day, killing first for fun, under the familiar veil of his “code,” then in an attempt. to save his own ass. And in his final moments, after turning his back on his son for the last time when he refused to uproot his life to join him, he died a coward. Her own sister, the ghost Deb, didn’t even want to hold her hand at the time of death. Kneeling by his side, hand in hand, she released his grip before he breathed his last, almost as if she didn’t want her mind dragged down to hell with his.

RIP, Dexter Morgan. Do not come back.

• My only positive thing to remember was being exposed to the incredible talents of Jack Alcott. I can’t wait to see what he does next, and I hope this isn’t a spin-off of this show for his and ours. But it probably will be.

• So who left the note with the surgical screw in Angela’s mailbox? Wasn’t that just an important detail to work on in the finale? I guess it was Molly, but still.

• There were apparently only three blacks in the entire town of Iron Lake, and one of them is killed by Dexter while delivering a water bottle. Cool cool.

• What was the point in bringing Batista back for this when Angela and Molly already knew Jim was Dexter Morgan and most likely the Butcher of Bay Harbor?

• “I never really felt love. True love. Until now. “Oh shut up, loser.

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