Developers will face legal action and new taxes to replace dangerous cladding if they don’t pay up, Michael Gove warns

TThe money to repair dangerous coatings must come “from those who are responsible for them,” said Michael Gove.

There has been a building safety crisis in Britain since the Grenfell Tower tragedy in 2017, Mr Gove told BBC Breakfast, which means dangerous coatings must now be removed from high-rise buildings .

He added: “Ultimately, the key question is who put this coating on? It’s the individuals, it’s the businesses that have to pay to make sure the coating is safe. Some companies were, in my opinion, responsible and fair in removing their siding, others were not. They have not fulfilled their responsibilities, now is the time to do so.

“It’s wrong that the tenants, the people who are in these apartments, pay, and in many cases the sums involved are sums that these poor people cannot pay. This is the case with companies that have a large turnover, a large turnover that goes out, they can pay.

“We hope there will be a recognition of shared responsibility, but if necessary, we can still use legal means and the ultimate tax safety net to make sure they pay. But what I want to do is work with businesses because the overwhelming number of people in the industry want to work with us to fix this problem.

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