Chicago Bears fire Matt Nagy, GM Ryan Pace; Jim Harbaugh rumored to be possibility for new head coach

CHICAGO (WLS) – The Chicago Bears fired head coach Matt Nagy and general manager Ryan Pace on Monday morning, the team announced Monday.

Bears president George McCaskey is expected to speak on the layoffs at a press conference Monday afternoon.

Nagy and Pace were sacked after another disappointing season ended in a loss to the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday.

“We know how the season went this year. We know how it went towards the end of the year and of course today’s game, ”Nagy said on Sunday. “I have never been in this position and for me I continue to go about my business as usual. I mean. I had conversations. Nothing has changed as I told you there a few days ago. I know it, whatever is supposed to happen will happen. “

Things were going well at the start, but the team quickly gained the advantage. The Bears finished 6-11 for the season.

Phone lines were hot on ESPN 1000 Kap and J Hood Show Monday morning after the news broke.

“Yes, it’s the right choice,” J Hood said. “I think there is sometimes fatigue between the coach and the team. There was a lot of fatigue between Nagy and the fans.”

Palace Grill Bears fans have also digested the news.

“It’s like the same game plan, whoever the coach is, whoever is in charge, they just go back to the same routine,” said Bears fan Sam Roti. “They have to change their whole system.”

Now the Bears will be looking for a replacement who can help quarterback Justin Fields reach his full potential.

One of the names floating around is former Bears QB and now Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh.

“The next coach, I would love to see Jim Harbaugh,” Roti said. “I love to see him. He’s crazy but he reminds me of a Ditka. I think he would be great for the team for the young players but they have to let him control the team.”

Nagy was hired by Pace in 2018 after serving as an offensive coordinator with the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Bears would end with a 12-4 record and a playoff appearance in his first season as Nagy was named AP NFL Coach of the Year.

But over the next three seasons, the Bears only made the playoffs once and didn’t have a winning record.

Pace was the Bears general manager for six seasons, two more than Nagy was a head coach. The Bears have made the playoffs twice during his tenure.

Notable moves for Pace include an advance in the draft to select quarterback Mitch Trubisky and Justin Fields, as well as trades for linebacker Khalil Mack.

Prior to joining the Bears, Pace had served as director of player personnel for the New Orleans Saints.

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