Amy Schneider is the first woman to win $1 million on ‘Jeopardy!’

Amy Schneider became the first woman to win $ 1 million on “Jeopardy! as she closed her 28th game on Friday. She now has $ 1,019,600 in game winnings, making her the fifth millionaire winner in trivia show history and the fourth to reach that mark in a regular season.

This is the latest historic victory for Schneider, 42, who on December 29 won her 21st game and set a new record for most consecutive wins by a woman, surpassing the 20 games won by Julia Collins in 2014.

Becoming a millionaire on a game show is “amazing” and “strange,” Schneider said in a statement: “It is not an amount of money that I imagined was associated with my name.”

“Being in the history of the game, I think, is something,” she added. “You know the money doesn’t seem real yet, but it’s something I’ll never be proud of.”

Schneider previously told Yahoo! Entertainment that appears on “Jeopardy!” has been a dream for her since the age of 5. Her eighth grade class voted her “More Likely To Be On” Jeopardy! ” One day.”

Schneider is also the first openly transgender player to qualify for the show’s Tournament of Champions. Growing up in Ohio, Schneider says she hasn’t often seen the stories of transgender women in a positive light. But she told ABC News’ KGO-TV channel in San Francisco that she had seen women in recent years, including Kate Freeman, who would be the first trans contestant to win “Jeopardy!” in December 2020, “inspired me not to be afraid to try and compete in what I’ve always loved”.

“I am incredibly grateful,” said Schneider. “Hope I can send a positive message to the nerdy trans girl who also wants to be on the show.”

As for her earnings, Schneider said she already has a few splurges on her mind, especially on designer clothes.

Now she is focused on eliminating James Holzhauer, the professional sports bettor who won 32 straight games and $ 2.46 million in 2019.

Other “Jeopardy!” Regular season millionaires include Yale doctoral student Matt Amodio, who earned $ 1.52 million in 38 straight wins in 2021, as well as record holder and current host Ken Jennings, who ended his career. 74-game winning streak with $ 2.52 million in 2004.

Contestant Brad Rutter has the show’s highest-all-time winnings with nearly $ 5 million in tournament earnings.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Schneider offered his best advice to those targeting “Jeopardy!” success: “Just be curious” and “The way to know a lot is to want to know a lot. “

She further explained her thoughts on staying curious in an essay for Defector: “Knowledge is a shield and a sword, a joy and a duty, and though you may never remember things so easily. than me, or will win a bunch of games on “Jeopardy!” “, If you have the desire not only to know but to understand, then you will become more and more powerful every day, and no one can stop you. “

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