Impressive cost of living revealed by carton of eggs at Woolworths in Perth

Australians are being conditioned to pay more for common goods due to inflation, but a recent TikTok video shows just how much the cost of living has risen.

Stephanie Young shared her surprise on social media after finding a box of free range eggs priced at $14.50 at her local Woolworths in Perth.

“$14 for eggs…there weren’t any last week now that inflation hits,” he wrote about the video.

egg price
camera iconA TikTok video has shown how much the cost of living has risen. stephyoung77 / TikTok Credit: Supplied

She also wrote “Is it time to get chickens? #inflation #food scarcity” in the caption, as she loops Jackary’s song This is a Joke Right over the video.

Another box can be seen in the video for $12, while Ms. Young said there were others priced at $8.80.

She wasn’t alone in her surprise, with many people in the comments also expressing surprise at the price.

“Who in their right mind is paying $14 for eggs? I bought mine today at Aldi $3 something…come on people stop buying on inflation,” said one commenter.

“I hope they are laced with gold,” posted another.

“Buy a live chicken lol,” said one, joking along with Ms. Young’s suggestion.

Egg Farmers of Australia CEO Melinda Hashimoto said in March that consumers should expect to pay more for eggs as farmers grapple with rising costs.

Eggs on supermarket shelves
camera iconAustralian consumers have been warned that the price of eggs will rise. Credit: Supplied

“The rate at which the costs of farm inputs, which are required to raise chickens and produce quality eggs, are rising is so alarming that some long-term egg farmers really fear for the future of our industry,” he said.

“It is a reality that Australians will have to get used to paying more if they want their eggs and other food grown in Australia, or they will see Australian farmers go out of business.

“Similarly, wholesalers (such as supermarkets, bakeries, food manufacturers, hotels, cruise and hospitality sectors) are urged to review the price they pay for Australian eggs, to ensure our farmers get a fair return and profitability of your product.

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