I’m an Area 51 researcher – FBI agents broke into my house, handcuffed me to silence me, and took ALL my computers

AN AREA 51 researcher said FBI agents broke into his home and handcuffed him at gunpoint before taking all his computers to silence him.

Joerg Arnu, who runs the popular Dreamland Resort website dedicated to what happened at the mysterious base in Nevada, says agents raided his home at midnight last week.

Joerg Arnu runs a website dedicated to Area 51


Joerg Arnu runs a website dedicated to Area 51
Joerg shared a photo of himself being brought to the door by force


Joerg shared a photo of himself being brought to the door by forceCredit: The Sun
The mysterious core is shrouded in mystery


The mysterious core is shrouded in mysteryCredit: Getty Images – Getty
Area 51 is located in the Nevada desert


Area 51 is located in the Nevada desertCredit: Getty

Anru said his home in Las Vegas and also in Rachel were searched by a “joint task force” of the FBI and Air Force Special Investigations.

He has now told The Sun Online what happened during the raid on November 3, along with his friend Rachel.

Arun said the raid “happened without warning” and was preceded by “doors being broken in” and Rachel being “detained and treated in the most disrespectful manner”.

“I was asleep in bed. If there was an alarm, I wouldn’t have heard it. I woke up to the door slamming,” he told The Sun Online.

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which exposed area 51 and

“When I went to investigate, I saw several people in full body armor behind a riot shield in my house with at least one gun pointed at me.

“They took my friend to the street barefoot and in only her underwear in front of our neighbors.”

“I was taken outside, handcuffed and in only a T-shirt and sweat in the cold weather.

“Each house was searched by 15 to 20 agents in full riot gear, causing further damage to both houses apart from smashed front doors.

“I was very surprised at how forcefully the search warrant was executed and the rough treatment of unarmed senior citizens.”

Arun explained, “Despite my repeated requests for clarification, I was only told that the search was related to images posted on my Area 51 website.

“I believe that the search by overzealous government agents with completely unnecessary force was a message to silence the Area 51 research community.

In a chilling warning, he added: “The question now is – how far will they go?”

He revealed that the FBI and the Air Force had seized a large amount of electronic equipment and personal records worth about $20,000 (£17,000).

Pictures shared with The Sun Online show damage to its door from when the FBI and Air Force forced their way in.

“All my laptops, phones, backups, camera gear and drone were seized,” he said.

“With the device, I can store all my medical records, financial and tax records, passwords, email and phone contacts, photos, etc. i lost

“They even took my phone, left me in Rachel with two broken doors and no way to communicate or call for help.

“I have no choice but to take legal action to get my equipment back and seek compensation.”

The FBI’s Las Vegas office declined to comment.

What is area 51?

Area 51 is located in southern Nevada, just 83 miles north-northwest of Las Vegas.

It is the common name for a highly classified United States Air Force facility within the Nevada Test and Training Range.

The fenced-off plot of land is officially known as Homey Airport and measures six by ten miles, sandwiched between a US Air Force base and an abandoned nuclear test site.

It’s near Rachel, a small town popular with tourists, on the Extra Surface Highway called Nevada State Route 375.

Many believe the airbase is home to the development and testing of experimental aircraft and weapons systems.

The US Air Force acquired this area in 1955.

However, the CIA never acknowledged the existence of the facility until June 2013, following a 2005 Freedom of Information Act request.

The base has never been declared a secret base, but all research and happenings at Area 51 are Top Secret/Sensitive Section Information.

Conspiracy theorists believe that the facility is used to store, research, and reverse engineer crashed alien spacecraft, including materials recovered from the Roswell incident in the 1950s.

The base was the test site for a number of top-secret aircraft in the 1950s, including the U-2 and later the B-2 stealth bomber.

Born in Germany, Arno moved to the United States in 1995 after studying electrical engineering and worked in Silicon Valley.

His lifelong interest in aviation led him to begin researching Area 51, naming his website after the restricted airspace radio call sign.

Over the years, he has appeared in numerous Area 51 documentaries and television shows, as well as contributed material and expertise to dozens of productions.

It insists that all material on the website was obtained and published legally, but it has also removed the material.

“I don’t share anything on my website that isn’t on dozens of other websites and news outlets,” he said.

However, attempts to get more information about why his home was raided were unsuccessful.

He says the search warrant he received is missing 40 pages and the case records are sealed, so he can’t find the reason for the search.

“I left several messages to the FBI agent in charge, but he did not return any of my calls,” he said.

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Arnu, the opponent, said that he would not be afraid of his harsh treatment.

“Given how this happened, I have no intention of removing any more material without an order from a federal judge.”