I’m a Time Traveler – Here’s Proof of ‘How World War 3 Sparked the Apocalypse’

A TIME traveler who claims to be from the future says he has proof of “how World War III ignited the apocalypse.”

A TikTok user known as ‘Time Traveler’ believes he has photographic evidence of what the Earth will be like in the years to come, and his prediction is terrifying.


An alleged time traveler believes he has proof of World War IIICredit: TikTok/@timevoyaging


One of the images created shows a crazy lab experimentCredit: TikTok/@timevoyaging


Another shows the destruction of what appears to be a military facilityCredit: TikTok/@timevoyaging

Warning the world about future events, Hellbent shared a series of images depicting how World War III began and ended.

One terrifying image shows the demolition of what appears to be a military facility.

A few more pictures depict a laboratory where a mad science experiment takes place.

The third image then shows Earth being destroyed by several meteorites, with the planet’s orange core visible from space.

The fourth and fifth images show the Earth turning crisp and red – all human life extinguished.

It’s unclear how things unfolded, but the TikToker claims it’s his duty to uncover the “truth.”

However, users were less than impressed with his latest unreasonable offer as they expressed their disappointment in the comments.

“Definitely an AI created,” said one.

“I think he got the pics from Call Of Duty,” said another.

“What is a lab image? Can you explain the photos,” asked a third.

A fourth quipped: “Bro, I saw these pictures on Google.”

The user has been voicing his allegations against TikTok for months now – warning that humanity will face a real-life purge and four other horrific events over the next two years.

In a series of clips, he claimed, unfounded, that they would change the course of human history forever – warning that the action was about to happen now.

During this time, he oddly suggested that humans would face a ‘zombie’ swine flu, new lockdowns and even a potential visit from aliens.

He also claimed to know for certain that World War III would begin between the United States and Russia.

But there is no need to panic just yet – because none of the previous strange predictions of “time travelers” have ever come true.

Meanwhile, others have continued to share their strange theories on social media, claiming to have received the gift of time travel.

One TikToker in particular, who claims to have been around since 3000, says he correctly predicted that Elon Musk would buy Twitter – so he wants people to take his warnings more seriously.

Now, he predicts the billionaire will step down as CEO of Tesla to focus on the social media platform.

Another self-proclaimed time traveler suggests scientists will discover a deadly new virus this month.

They claimed that the experiments at the CERN research facility would lead to “even more strange events” as the pandemic began in Antarctica.


The ‘time traveler’ claims that the footage shows what will happen during the apocalypseCredit: TikTok/@timevoyaging


The Earth will supposedly burn with effects visible from spaceCredit: TikTok/@timevoyaging


Another image shows that the planet will turn red as all human life is extinguishedCredit: TikTok/@timevoyaging