I’m a hot teacher – men always say they don’t want to date school staff…but then they see my clothes.

TIKTOKER said no one wants to meet the teacher – until they see his pictures.

Alice Ivy, a high school teacher from Houston, USA, shared a disgusting video with her 15,000 followers on TikTok.


Teacher ‘Alice Ivy’ shared an ugly video on TikTok


She posed in the outfit for her followers


He also asked fans if they would pay attention to his class

The 23-year-old brunette stunner posted a short clip with the words “I would never date a teacher” on screen.

Wearing a black mini skirt and matching high heels, a tight, revealing shirt and glasses, she moves her hand away from the screen to reveal her reflection in the mirror.

In the caption underneath, she simply wrote: “Would you like it?”

Alice shared a series of similar “thirst trap” videos with her fans.

One such clip has the text “bikini teacher loading…” before putting on the outfit.

Another, featuring the same outfit as the first clip, asks, “If I were your teacher, would you pay attention in class?” has words. Alice appears on screen before dropping the towel.

She was soon overwhelmed with comments from mostly male fans.

One simply wrote “yes,” and the second commented, “It will be difficult to concentrate.”

Another wrote: “Yeah, I’d stay after school too.”

Another said: “If you were a teacher in prison, I would stay.”

Other “hot teachers” have also gathered thousands of followers on Instagram.

Amber, whose TikTok name is amber.marie44, has amassed 34,000 followers.

One said: “Sweetest teacher.”

Another added: “You wouldn’t dare miss a day.”

As one viewer commented: “I know all the students have a crush on the teacher.”

Another teacher, Ash Pag, 25, recently revealed that his students discovered his TikTok page.

Ash, who has nearly 100,000 followers on the platform, said some fans didn’t realize they were his disciples.

But in a post, she said that most people ask if they can be in her videos.


She also shared a video of herself in a pink bikini