I’ve managed to get a coaching gig at one of the primary schools in Melbourne for the second term and I’m really looking forward to it.

I’ll be 1 of 2 coaching the school’s senior sophomore team but it’s a pretty quick turnaround with induction on Tuesday and then coaching the first day of school for term 2 students on Wednesday where they’re supposed to be for everywhere. the place in terms of motivation and focus plus the fact that I won’t know anything about them and vice versa, but that’s one of the many joys of training!

To complicate matters, the other manager is now out of the game for the first few weeks of the season and if we can’t find a replacement he might be on his own for a while, but no big deal.

So on the back of this latest build I started writing down what Wednesday practice would look like and this is what comes to mind.


Although the training is mandatory, there will be a wide variety of reasons why the players are there, from wanting to play football, hanging out with their teammates, or not wanting to be there at all, so I have to do the first experience to all players. positive one

I’ll start with a game that requires little instruction, is light but competitive, and is sure to elicit lots of laughs and smiles before any actual training takes place, hoping to engage you throughout the session.

If you can win them over early, you have a better chance of keeping them “in” for the long haul.


The head of men’s athletics has already put together a first and second team list based on last year that I’ll get Tuesday at induction, but I still need to know specifically what I’ll be dealing with week to week, and I’ll have to make it through the activities that I use in my initial training sessions.

Specifically, I want to see where each player sits in their own decision-making and game intelligence and I’ll try to use a lot of game-based activities to do this.

Again, they’ll need little instruction so we can get more action and less talk into our 60 minutes, so for this I have a specific 1-hand, 1-kick activity designed for this, keeping everything “close” to focus solely on the immediate game. . them.

I also have some larger area activities to use for the same purpose to see how players can read the game that is happening in front of them, rather than right in front of them like in the previous activity matchmaking.


I’m going to make a big assumption here by saying that I’m predicting that most of my players will have been exposed to a lot of cone-to-cone drills where a single problem can only be solved with a single solution and I want to steer my players away from that kind of thinking and lead them into a thought process of more than 1 problem and many solutions, as they will find during the games.

Most of the time, in training, all players face problem 1 at the same time, but in a game, all 3 lines of players on the ground (backs/midfielders/forwards) face different problems at the same time, so that I need to design activities that reflect it.

I have some larger area ground activities in mind to tackle this, but at the same time you probably won’t be able to get into full contact/full speed on the first night, even if you’ve already been doing local footy.

So there are my top 3 points that I will be focusing on for session 1 next week, I am intrigued how the session ends up looking like I want her too (probably not even close!) and I will certainly leave you all. know how this goes.

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