How Young Americans Unwittingly Voted to Ruin Their Lives

This week, The New York Times published a column by John Della Volpe, a left-leaning academic (pardon the abbreviation) and director of polling at the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics.

In his first sentence, Della Volpe lays out his policy.

He described young Americans as “stressed and sickened by the thought of their rights and the erosion of democracy.”

Harvard and nearly every other university is telling America’s youth, “You should be stressed and sick because of the right. The truth takes away your rights and destroys your democracy.”

The terrible irony is that there is indeed a mortal threat to American rights and democracy, but it is entirely from the left. Ever since Stalin declared Trotsky a “fascist,” the Left has been branding its opponents exactly what the Left itself is.

And it almost always works.

It certainly works in America. Della Volpe writes: “According to the fall 2022 Harvard Youth Poll, a national poll I oversee for the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics, 59 percent of young Americans feel their rights are under attack, and 73 percent are concerned about the rights of others being violated. they are threatened.”

What the left says is actually the only thing most young Americans hear. For nearly six years, the left has been calling former President Donald Trump a fascist. The current president of the United States went further and declared that most of Trump’s supporters are also fascists.

However, Trump has been president of the United States for four years and civil rights have not been curtailed, democracy has not been threatened. Regarding the illegal entry of conservative protesters into the Capitol in January 2021, Trump has repeatedly called for peaceful protest and respect for law enforcement (as evidenced in part by his now-restored Twitter account).

Let’s not forget that unlike the violent left-wing protests of 2020, which almost no Democrat condemned, the January 6 Capitol breach was virtually universally condemned by Republicans and disavowed by then-Republican Vice President Mike Pence. protesters’ demands to annul the results of the 2020 elections.

Moreover, the left called Trump a fascist for four years until January 6, 2021.

As for Trump’s belief that the election was stolen, Democrats, including defeated presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, have argued that Trump did not win the 2016 election. Illegally occupying government offices has been a common left-wing tactic for decades, not to mention the offices of college presidents.

In 2011, thousands of left-wing protesters took over the Wisconsin Capitol in Madison for four months. More recently, in 2018, protesters occupied the Senate office building on Capitol Hill, demanding the rejection of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

It is not conservatives who threaten freedom and democracy. This is the Left; his party (Democrats); legacy media (almost all mainstream media); and Big Tech (Google, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and so far Twitter). They are the ones who suppress dissent – which, as I pointed out in my previous column, is evidence of the left’s lies, because truth-tellers are forced to cancel lectures, censor dissent, manipulate search results, etc. There is no need to.

The left poses the greatest threat to free speech in American history, the most important of all freedoms.

Still, the young vote to the left. According to Della Volpe, these are the exit poll results of the last elections:

In Arizona, Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly won 76% of 18- to 29-year-olds, while Republican Blake Masters won 20%. In Pennsylvania, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, a Democrat, received 70% of the young swing vote, compared to 28% for Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz. In Nevada, Democrat Senator Catherine Cortez Masto was re-elected against Republican Adam Laxalt. He won in large part thanks to young voters, 64% of whom voted for him, compared to 31% for Laxalt.

In short, it seems that young Americans have voted for the people who are destroying their lives.

The Left is primarily responsible for the unprecedented level of depression and hopelessness among young people.

  • Leftists deprived children of school for almost two years – for no good reason.
  • Sol ensured that the young children were not seen outside their homes for nearly two years for no good reason.
  • The Left, through its global warming hysteria, is scaring young people about their future like no other group has ever scared young Americans.
  • The left has destroyed the most healthy beliefs in the life of a citizen, especially in the life of a young citizen: faith in God and faith in one’s country. God, religion, patriotism, and the national flag have become objects of ridicule.
  • The Left lies to them about everything from non-binary genders, to the founding of America and the extent of white racism in the country, to the opposition of the Left being fascist.
  • The Left is working feverishly to sexualize children early by telling them about sex, starting in kindergarten, and the nihilistic lie that gender is “non-binary.”
  • Sol encourages taking children as young as 5 to watch and participate in “Drag Queen Story Hours” where men dress up as women, sing and dance for them, often in a sexualized manner, and then some of the children do the same.
  • The Left works fervently to diminish the influence and authority of parents, who are the most important people in a young person’s life.
  • The left has created an explosion not only in America, but in history, of young people who identify as members of the opposite sex.
  • The left is corrupting the ability of young people to think clearly by stifling common sense dissent. Everyone knows that it is very unfair for a man to compete in a women’s sport. But if a man says he’s a woman, we have to believe it and claim it’s fair. And any girl or woman who says it’s unfair is threatened with expulsion from their team, the end of their chances of a college sports scholarship, and social ostracism.

However, they vote for their destroyers.


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