House in Connecticut has great ‘enemy base Starfox vibes?’



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Some houses are just wild rides and this fine piece of architecture is one of them.

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On the market for $629,000 in Hamden, Connecticut, this four-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom home was “custom designed in 1969 by renowned Yale architect David Sellers for the current owners,” the listing on describes.

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And with its special “sloping roof lines”, it allows natural light streaming in through the surrounding trees to filter inside in a somber way. Other captivating features within the 2,912-square-foot space include:

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Inside Screenshot of Realtor/MLS

Its special exterior design caught the attention of Zillow Gone Wild and confused and fascinated fans of the popular real estate social media page.

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“I respect him more than I love him…if that makes any sense,” one person said.

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“My dogs would climb that roof like goats,” joked another.

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“I am in love with the exterior and had high hopes for the interior, but my hopes were immediately dashed,” another commented. “What a wasted opportunity to have a super cool house.”

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“Disadvantage: kids were running all over the roof,” someone said. “On the contrary: putting up the Christmas decorations would be much easier.”

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“The design of this house has an ‘enemy base Starfox’ vibe to it. I don’t hate him either,” wrote another, referencing the Avengers superhero. “It could use a little *something* here and there, but it’s weird enough to be nice.”

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“Why aren’t we talking about how much fun it would be to go sledding on that roof?” someone asked.

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“The angles are crazy but I really like it,” said one person.

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“I really like it,” commented another person. “Remove the carpet from the hardwood floors and a few other touch ups and I’d be happy! “

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“Sounds like the perfect setting for a psychological thriller,” someone joked.

Hamden is about 30 miles southwest of Hartford.

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