Hope St Radio’s Jack Shaw pairs a classic lunchbox snack with a cherry-heavy wine

In our “Great Wine, Snack Basic” series, we put the curators of Broadsheet Wine on the case to find the best food and wine pairing.

This month, Jack Shaw has brought us one of the craziest couples yet. But trust him, it works.

The co-owner of Melbourne wine bar Hope St Radio has included a vibrant bottle of beaujolais in his Broadsheet wine box and has chosen it for this challenge. It is fragrant, juicy and full of cherry notes. And to make the flavors of the wine really pop, he’s paired it with what he calls “the best snack in the world”: childhood favorite chocolate Yogo Mix with M&M’s.

“Hallelujah, the angels sing,” he says as he tastes the chocolate custard dessert.

Try this pairing for yourself with the limited edition Jack Shaw x Broadsheet Wine box, containing six of his best winter wines. It’s available for $160 through August 5.

Don’t forget you can get $40 off your first case when you subscribe to Broadsheet Wine.

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