Hiker Slides Off Cliff, Falls 1,000 Feet; Witnesses say he was “screaming”.

In Italy, a 26-year-old woman died last weekend after slipping and falling nearly 1,000 feet from the top of a mountain in the province of Belluno, where witnesses said she fell to her death.

The Italian newspaper Il Gazzettino reported that Mariacristina Masocco and three friends were descending from the 7,600-foot peak of Punta del Comedo, a mountain range in the Dolomite Alps, when the incident happened around 4 p.m. on Sunday.

According to witnesses, Masocco, who was leading the group, slipped and fell “screaming” into the ravine as the hikers walked one by one along the ledge.

Masocco’s friends contacted Italy’s emergency medical hotline, 118, after they were unable to find him and failed to respond to repeated calls from friends.

A helicopter found Masocco’s lifeless body on a ledge about 2,000 meters (6,561 ft) above sea level.

Masocco’s body was exhumed and taken to a hospital in his hometown of Feltre.

The incident shocked the local community of Masocco, who left behind his mother Angela and sister Francesca.

Feltre mayor Viviana Fusaro said: “We are really deeply affected by the news this evening of the tragic death of young Maria Cristina Masocco, which happened in the mountains in the afternoon.” York Post.

“At this time, no words can soothe the intimate suffering of the mother, younger sister and friends. I want to express the sincere closeness of the whole community, which has embraced them in their great pain,” he added.

Masocco’s fall may have been caused by “black ice,” a thin layer of ice that blends with the environment and becomes harder to detect.

The route he and his friends chose wasn’t the easiest either, according to Il Gazzettino.

“If you increase it when the temperature is close to zero, the degree of difficulty increases,” said Stefano Zannini, trail manager of the Club Alpino Italiano’s Feltre branch.

Masocco is said to be an expert mountaineer who often hikes.

The would-be lawyer had to take an exam in a few days, and if he passed, he would be allowed to practice.

Representation. Dolomite Alps in Italy.HarryJBurgess/Pixabay

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