Here’s how tech is shaping the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Cameras lifted on March 28, 2022 Al-Bait Stadium in Doha, Qatar, which will host the 2022 FIFA Football World Cup matches
picture: Gabriel Bayes (Getty Images)

On the surprising side of things, this year’s World Cup will also go down the hardest. to monitor In sports history. This year, every participant entering a stadium will be tracked by a A system of 15,000 cameras equipped with facial recognition technology. The surveillance apparatus, reminiscent of the technology used by the more infamous ClearView AI, is said to be controlled through a technological hub called the Aspire Command and Control Center. That command center will have seats a Lines of technicians are monitoring and analyzing those camera feeds.

The surveillance system extends past stadium boundaries and will also include nearby train and bus stations. Heard, drones will fly overhead to estimate crowd size.

“What you see here is a new standard, a new trend in venue operations, this is our contribution to the world of sports from Qatar,” the event’s chief technology office, Nias Abdul Rahiman, said in a statement. the interview With AFP. “What you’re seeing here is the future of stadium operations.”