Help Wanted: Art Critics for The Houston Press

the houston press has a number of freelancing opportunities available for writers in the fine arts. We are looking for people to review performances in dance, symphonic music, and visual arts. Book critics and popular culture writers are also on our wanted list.

Did your love of ballet extend beyond your first grade dance class? Do you know the difference between a pas de deux and a flash dance? Does contemporary dance mean more to you than leotards and risk taking? Can you write about all this with authority and explain it to a general audience? You may be just what we need as a dance critic.

Does Dvořák drag you with romantic thoughts? Does Brahms fill your heart with happy reflections? Do your feet develop a mind of their own and start playing at a Pops concert? This writing opportunity does not require perfect pitch, but if you know your music and can write about it with clarity and style, then you would be a good prospect as a symphonic critic for the houston press.

Do you know that Frida Kahlo was much more than an eyebrow, Van Gogh more than an ear? Do you associate Michelangelo and Donatello with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or as two of the greatest sculptors the world has ever known? Have you studied the art of Donkeeboy and his mom? If you like to immerse yourself in the vast world of art that Houston has to offer, from galleries to street art, you might be the perfect visual arts critic for us.

Have you ever wanted to tell the world about a book you read and in more than 140 characters? Are you happy reading all kinds of novels and non-fiction and ready to weigh in on their merits and why the author got stuck or lost somewhere in the pages? Consider the merits of an independent book review position.

And are you an ironic observer of the world around you? Ready to write a few lines about our society: its foibles, its quiet diversions, and its successful moments alike? Maybe you’re a pop culture writer or a budding one.

Rules of the game: What we’re asking for is not blogs or vlogs or darling journal entries, but polished artistic criticism. Freelancers must turn in their copy by the deadline and be open to the editing process.

To apply for any of these vacancies, send the following to [email protected] and mark in the subject line OPENINGS FREELANCE HP:
A cover letter stating what you would bring to the position.
Three to five samples of your critical writing (no poetry or books)
Three article ideas for the Houston Press in the area you’d like to write about.

No phone calls please.

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