Helmut Koller Previews NFT at New York’s Cube Art Fair

Maverick artist Helmut Koller has entered the NFT (non-expendable token) space as he shows off previews of his collection at this year’s Cube Art Fair, which kicks off on Wednesday.

Cube Art Fair, which runs through May 22, features a dazzling display of physical art and NFTs throughout New York City. The fair was born during the pandemic, offering a safe and accessible way for artists and the public to enjoy the great exhibition.

It has become the “World’s Largest Art Fair” and shares art pieces and NFTs at over 100 kiosks, kiosks, bus shelters and billboards throughout New York City and a 15,000 foot billboard square in the center of Times Square.

“I am the creator, leader and only follower of my own art movement. Disciples do not need to apply!” Koller said in an official statement on Wednesday.

Collectors can expect to see Koller’s fine art NFTs at Cube Art Fair before the collection is released.

Koller, whose style is “defined by the realistic representation of form and the abstraction of colours”, grew up in the Austrian countryside and after completing his training as a photographer, became the official photographer of the Vienna State Opera.

For seven years, Koller photographed such superstars as Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, Leonard Bernstein, and Rudolf Nurejev.



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