Half of single men surveyed in the UK wash their sheets once every four months

That’s why you can’t be in everyone’s bed, chili. According to the BBC, half of single men in the UK admitted to changing their sheets once every four full months.

Of the 2,250 people surveyed in the UK, nearly half of the single men who took part said they don’t do their laundry for up to four months at a time. Only 12% said they wash first, if they remember.

As for single women, they changed their sheets more often, with 62% doing laundry every two weeks. The couples said they changed their bedding once every three weeks.

As you may know, sweat and dead skin can be found on your sheets. If you don’t wash your clothes on a regular basis, that could be a problem. Dr. Lindsay Browning, a licensed psychologist, stated:

The sweat gets into the sheets and makes them not only smell gross but also get quite clogged.

Browning went on to say:

If you don’t wash your sheets enough, your dead skin cells will accumulate on these sheets.

While Browning said we sweat less in the winter and “can be a little more forgiving” during the season, he still stressed the importance of washing sheets once a week no matter the season.

Some people also said they’re not as dirty because they shower at night, but Browning says that’s not true.

And you still go to bed with your hands a little dirty, the same breath coming out of your mouth.

For those waiting two weeks to do their laundry, he said: “You’re getting into not-so-good territory.”

Roomies, what do you think of this?

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