Great Britain Zoo has shared a beautiful video of a newborn giraffe calf

The 6-foot-tall baby giraffe has been named Wilfred Owen

A video of a newborn giraffe calf shared by a British zoo has gone viral on social media. The 6-foot-tall baby giraffe, born on Remembrance Day on November 11, has been named after leading First World War poet Wilfred Owen. ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, the UK’s largest zoo, has released some fascinating behind-the-scenes footage. videos of their newest additions. In the footage, the newborn giraffe can be seen curiously observing its surroundings and enjoying its first feeding.

In a video shared on November 22, the zoo wrote: “Take a look: Check out footage of our new arrival, Wilfred. You might be lucky enough to see him this holiday season. A baby giraffe born on Remembrance Day is named after the famous WW1 poet Wilfred Owen. . Next week we’ll be giving him some quiet time with mom Luna and dad Bashu in their behind-the-scenes barn, but they’ll soon be joining the rest of the close-knit family flock that will show him all the life skills he needs to learn.”

Watch the video here:

One user reacted to the heartwarming video, writing: “Welcome to the world, little Wilfred.” Another said: “Oh, that beautiful, soft, tight, beautiful face. Absolutely gorgeous.”

The zoo said keepers hailed his arrival as “an important addition to the international breeding program for reticulated giraffes, an endangered species”.

It is interesting that giraffes are born standing up, that is, the young are welcomed into the world by falling two meters to the ground. An hour after his birth, Wilfred took his first steps and Luna immediately began to suckle.

“Wilfred is Luna’s third calf and she was a wonderful, attentive mother as always. She was also very caring — bending down to lick and clean the little one,” he said. .

“Next week we will give mum, dad and calf some quiet time in their behind-the-scenes stalls, but they will soon join grandma Ijuma, sister Nuru and the rest of the close-knit family herd. will show him all the vital giraffe skills he needs to learn,” said Mr Hefer.

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