Grateful for Gratitude – The Hugh Hewitt Show

Thursday, November 24, 2022 | By John Schroeder

Grateful for Gratitude

It’s hard to say thank you in our current culture. Everyone is so focused on their “rights” and “rights” that they forget where these things came from and what they should be grateful for. This story is a classic example – the protest is understandable, but it’s so trampling that it’s good for our people, and there’s a complete lack of appreciation in America that they have the right to be this ignorant.

Jack Nicholson’s performance in A Few Good Men is somewhat terrifying in the context of the film – after all, he justifies murder. However, the man has a point. Some of us work around the clock, and some of the taxes we pay go toward student loans for the very bad guys who spat on our nation’s history in the story told in the first paragraph. Asking “thank you” like Nicholson is an extreme ego move, but the complete absence of any respect demonstrates a complete lack of gratitude.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is a wealthy man, and he made it this way with taxpayers’ money. And yet he thinks we are not smart enough to know what is good for us and according to the show’s producer, he’s about 85% ego. You’d think he could find a more gracious way to express his gratitude for the wealth he’s amassed, even if he really does think we’re all jerks. But still no thanks.

It’s Thanksgiving, and in the face of all this ingratitude, I find it hard to express my gratitude, with just a few examples here. As a Californian, my time is now measured in weeks, and I’m deeply grateful that there are places like Tennessee where simple gratitude and decency still prevail, but the next few weeks of trying to pack up a 40-year residency are kind of coming into play. a way to put that gratitude on today’s table – well, that and the fact that I’ll be having dinner with close friends is leaving behind.

But if I cannot find gratitude today, I become one of them – demanding, ungrateful and ungrateful.

And so I set before myself to be grateful even to them, the demanding, the ungrateful, and the ungrateful, by prayer. They are God’s misguided creations like me. They, like me, bear the image of God corrupted by our own desires. They make life very difficult and unpleasant, but from their point of view I am certainly making their life difficult. Today, I thank the ungrateful for the good of my life and the good of the nation.