Google Messages has got a cool feature missing iMessage

Google may never convince Apple to support RCS messaging, but in the meantime, the tech company is rolling out new features to its messaging app. In fact, the latest addition to Google Messages can’t match Apple’s iMessage. As spotted by 9to5Google Earlier this week, Google Messages recently started rolling out a new feature that allows users to respond to a message with any emoji instead of just the default six options.

Previously, long-pressing a message in Google Messages would open a pop-up menu with 7 emoji reactions: thumbs up, thumbs down, smiley face with heart-eyes, face with happy tears, face with open mouth, crying face and angry face.

Follow the latest updates – which 9to5Google Said to be only available to some users so far — the thumbs down emoji has disappeared. A new black-and-white smiley with a plus sign in its place. Tapping on that face will open the entire emoji keyboard.

As mentioned above, Apple’s Messages doesn’t offer the same degree of freedom when it comes to emoji responses (or tapbacks, as Apple calls them). Apple only offers six possible responses, including a heart, two exclamation marks, and a question mark.

Meanwhile, a similar feature is already widely available on WhatsApp. You can choose any emoji on your phone to respond to WhatsApp messages, regardless of the operating system your phone uses. Just long press on a message and hit the plus button.

According to 9to5Google, the full emoji picker isn’t widely available, but at least two users encountered the feature in the recent Messages beta. The site also states that the feature works for RCS messages as well as SMS texts

In October, Google Messages got a makeover and a trove of new features Some of these new features include replying to individual messages and the ability to watch YouTube videos within the Messages app.

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